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Anas Anaya is a mother, wife, activist, independent accounting and financial consultant and director An organization that has transformed the lives of more than 3,800 abandoned or abused animals in a decade.

– How much has people's view of adoption evolved?

I think people still apply on impulse. For this reason, we have adjusted profiles and filters: the person must be over 28 years old, have a permanent and stable job, and everyone in their household must agree to adopt. And in the case of a puppy, they agree to neuter it.

— You use a form with about 30 questions. Do they reject many people?

All the time. For a small, furry dog, one of the fastest exits, there will be about 10 adoption forms, of which only one may qualify under our criteria.

106 dogs and 65 cats live at Vos Animal, but we also pay for temporary homes in hotels for dogs with special needs. (Photo: Hugo Perez)

– What should be considered before acceptance?

We always explain to people that adopting a dog is not a distraction. It's a commitment that takes time, money and dedication.

– How many animals live here?

There are 106 dogs and 65 cats, but we pay for temporary homes in hotels for dogs with special needs: some paraplegics, epileptics or very old ones, for example, who need medication every eight hours.

What is the monthly investment to maintain animal voice?

We pack everything we need at S/20 thousand and the land we have is ours.

There are funds we raise through programs such as sponsoring a dog if you wish, which cannot be accepted. We have also tied up with private companies. Here, dogs and cats eat a ton and a half a month. From there, we get a ton through donations and the other half is managed by us. If we have to buy it, we do it.

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“Only in a home can one find love and where they are chosen to be part of a family. Not in a shelter,” says Anaya. (Photo: Hugo Perez)

– When will your bond with dogs find a home end?

Not that we follow through life. [del perro], but we always urge people, if they have a problem with an animal and they can't deal with it, they should call us and not see anyone to give it away. An animal that leaves here can always be returned, at least to our custody, to know what we will do with it. This happened two days ago and we brought one back.

– How much does the social media boom contribute to your work?

Without social networks, we cannot spread our initiatives, because we are far from Lima and in-person adoption campaigns, for example, do not always work. Networks are essential to attract donations and invite volunteers.

— Some hostels told me to hide their location on applications and not share their address…

We must be covered somehow. For example, this year, they abandoned 14 or 15 dogs at Animal Voice's door. But there are four shelters in the area: sometimes we fall, other times it's one of the others' turn. Dog abandonment is perennial and happens all the time.

Besides dogs, Voss Animal also has a place for cats. Currently, 65 people live in the shelter. (Photo: Hugo Perez)

– Why is it important for a dog to find a family and not end its days in a shelter?

For though he has a place to sleep and is free from danger, he does not feel the true affection of home in a shelter. Most dogs come from the street and are still scared. Love can only be found in a home and they are chosen to be part of a family. Not in the hostel.

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– Does this work affect you emotionally? On the one hand, there is great effort to save a dog in an extreme situation, but you go out on the street and find 10 like it.

Before this, I think you are maturing. I started this 12 years ago. It's sad, I think I could go to another country and live in peace without seeing this, but I also see the numbers we reach every year and I know we've helped a lot.

– What are the main achievements of the organization?

To date, we have sterilized more than 16,000 animals, placed more than 3,800 animals for adoption, rescued more than 3,000 animals, and sent 60 animals for adoption overseas. Also, in these 12 years we have impacted more than 8,000 children through the talks we give in schools or to the children we receive here.

– What message do they send in speeches and activities?

The negotiations seek to stop people associating the word 'dog' with shopping. We promote education so people learn how to be responsible owners and know what an animal needs in a home in addition to neutering. •

Peru does not have a national registry of abandoned dogs, although a 2019 study by experts from the University of Cayetano Heredia estimated that there were more than six million. (Photo: Hugo Perez)

Keep this in mind before looking for a pet

1. Time and commitment are the most important thing

It is important that the animal goes out for a walk every day, because it needs constant exercise and mental stimulation. It doesn't matter if you notice your pet is very quiet or sedentary. In all cases, you should not be locked in the roof of the house or live in an abandoned state. Always keep that in mind.

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2. You need to set aside one month's income

A dog needs to go to the vet, get all of its vaccinations, and be properly fed, among other expenses. Eventually, you may need surgery or treatment for an illness. And if the family owning the animal goes on a trip and can't take it with them, they have to pay for their accommodation.

3. Honor a multi-year commitment

Depending on the breed, a dog can stay with a family for at least 10 years. If you are moving house or traveling to live in another city or country, taking a pet into account is also important. We should not consider it as an ornament of the house but as a part of the family.

4. Different ways to help

If you want to contribute to the work carried out by Animal Voices, you can adopt or sponsor a dog, make donations, and volunteer your time to take dogs on walks and other activities. You can contact: [email protected].

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