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Dono Centella, the stage name of Antonio Domínguez Vázquez, won the election and was appointed. Councilor of commas. However, a statement was recently given on the TV show ‘Maghali TV, Company’ It has been revealed that the singer did not do his duty properly.

In an interview with a reporter from ‘Comas Dev’, Centella admitted that taking on new responsibilities as a councilor is something.Nuevo“For him. However, the communicator pointed out that councilors are there to function, not to learn, to which the singer remained silent.

Dono Centella has been criticized for his poor performance as Gomes’ councillor

Comas’ councilor Saul Tinio expressed his displeasure with Dono’s performance, saying the artist rarely attended meetings and did not actively participate in discussions on the topics discussed.

“We have the opportunity in the council at the request or report station, we can demonstrate some intervention as a councillor. Let’s say we have that power, but I haven’t heard what the councilor (Toño Centella) said in any intervention so far.

The report also showed inappropriate behavior during the sessions, such as the fact that Dono Centella was caught using a cell phone during an entire debate.

Additionally, the singer has only requested to intervene on one occasion, and that was to request permission to be absent due to travel. Although the municipality announced on January 19 that it had appointed Tono Centella as secretary of the ‘Commission for Community Development, Neighborhood Participation, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports’, he said he has not yet been assigned a specific commission. And not fully aware of what their functions are.

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Drome – Dono Centella Gomes has been criticized for his poor performance as a councillor

Dono Centella spent 100 thousand soles on his stepdaughter’s quinceanera.

He broke his piggy bank in October 2022 and threw the house out the window to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of his adopted daughter, Johanna Rodriguez’s daughter. As reported by Magaly Tv La Firme this Thursday night, Cumbiampero is not cutting anything.

The venue for the event, La Hacienda Trapiche, measures 1,000 square meters and costs 56,000 soles, including decoration, a drinks bar and a cheese and olive table. In addition, the limousine the fifteen-year-old boy was in cost 2,500 kyats to rent.

Facundo González was hired as the chamberlain and according to his manager, he charges about 7,000 soles for a 30-minute appearance. However, there was a night star He came to sing songs from Al Fondo Hay Sitio and was paid 10,000 soles for a 45-minute performance and photos.

Brazilian He was also at the celebration, and his manager, Magali Medina, told Uragos that he would charge 3,500 soles for his animation. Finally, Salsa singers from Sun Tentacion also performed at the party and received 15,000 soles.

Drome – Dono Centella spent 100,000 soles for his adopted daughter’s ‘fifteen’: Erick Elera, Facundo Gonzalez, San Dentação, Brunella Torbogo and Brenda Carvalho were there.

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