Economic War Bonus Public Employees 2024: Collect New Amount Today via Patria in Venezuela | What bonus is coming today?

Those working in public administration can access a new funding grant for the Patria platform. Find out all the information here.

Learn more about when bonuses are paid to public servants in Venezuela in January.

In Venezuela, various Grants to Citizens Registered in the Patria System. If you haven't signed up yet, it's important that you do so because you can guarantee receipt of future bonuses. One of the most notable endorsements in January was famed Bonus against economic warfare.

Below that line, The process of disbursement of wages to government employees has already startedAnd in this note we will provide you the information about the official amount and the steps to follow to collect it today.

When will Jan 2024 war bonus be paid?

January 12, Friday, delivery Anti-Economic Warfare Bonuses for Civil Servants in Venezuela. Beneficiaries will be notified through cell phones in the coming days. Please note that payment ends on the last day of January. If it hasn't arrived yet, it's better to wait.

How much is the bonus for public servants?

Public workers in Venezuela will receive a bonus of 1,440.00 bolivars in January. Payments will be phased through your accounts in Systema Patria. In that way, public sector employees will get this bonus in the coming days.

2024 Payment Date for Economic War Bonus | Photo: X

Economic War Bond Payment Schedule, January 2024

Find out below what are the approximate dates for the payment of new economic warfare subsidies for retirees and pensioners in Venezuela.

  • War Bonus for Retirees: January 18
  • War Bonus for IVSS Pensioners: January 21
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What should I do if I don't get Home Bonds?

If you have problems receiving bonuses and they do not arrive on time, you must update your personal data from the Patria platform application or website. For example, if you have changed your cell phone number in the last few days, you need to update it in the system.

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