Eddie Fleischmann destroys Jorge Fossati for Nicaragua's performance against Peru: “That's how we'll classify all matches”

Eddie Fleischmann destroys Jorge Fossati for Nicaragua's position against Peru.

The Peruvian team played against its Nicaraguan counterpart in an international friendly match for FIFA dates. George Fossati He made his debut under the leadership of Vin 'white-red' He had a dream first half at Alejandro Villanueva Stadium, outplaying his rival on duty.

Joao Grimaldo Metutil was in charge to break the tie 2 minutes later. The Sporting Cristal footballer took advantage of a cross and scored first to keep the Central American goalkeeper from moving. Then, forward Gianluca Lapadula He added to the score with a shot at 13'.

Peru's two goals had a common protagonist. About Andy Polo, attended Grimaldo and Lapatula. The right-winger showed his best under the guidance of the Uruguayan coach, which happened last year when he finished with the title. University In Liga 1.

Peru won the match 2-0. (Video: Movistar Deportes)

All the people were happy with the show 'Two Colors' However in the first part the sports journalist Eddie Fleishman He took to his Twitter account to criticize him. The communicator pointed to a change in competitor advertised by George Fossati. From Italy to Nicaragua.

“So, is this Nicaraguan team more similar to South American qualifiers than Italy? If that is the case then we would have qualified for all the matches. First half, Peru 2 Nicaragua 0. Low demand match,” he wrote.

Eddie Fleischmann has criticized Peru's rival Nicaragua's position in FIFA friendlies.

A few minutes later, Fleischmann made another release. 'Everybody's Team'. “Peru did not willingly handle the ball to Nicaragua. Peru's second half was worse. Still won 2-0. Janellato and Sonne enter for Grimaldo and Trugo. Now Castillo and Valera go. “The second half takes 20 minutes.”

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Peruvian journalist shares his results from Peru vs Nicaragua. “Peru beat a third-tier team in Concacaf. Can it be a specifically active party to the decision? No. A competitor's position compares everything.

Eddie Fleischman posted his results from Peru vs Nicaragua on Twitter.

Prior to the arrival of Jorge Fossati in the Peruvian squad, the FPF announced the prospect of facing his counterpart from Italy at a FIFA date in March. However, the 'Charroo'Once established at Videna, he made the decision to look for similar competitors to meet America's Cup Y South American Eligibility.

Eddie Fleishman, who learned about the decision of the experienced strategist, criticized him harshly. “Venezuela is going to face Italy in March, Fossati's technical command does not want to play with Italy, it was brief, it seems to me that the Peruvian team should not be afraid of a more competitive opponent,” he said on his YouTube program.

Weeks later, the two met in an interview held at the Videna campus, and the former university student Vilax Deportes did not hesitate to confront the journalist. He pointed out that it didn't come up short and there was no “ca…” to counter it 'blue'.

“You commented on the networks that reached me. You directly or indirectly say that I don't agree or disagree with the match with Italy. To use his exact words: I shrank, cake*n. “I'm not a c**t, I'm not short, and I have 30 years of experience as a coach that speaks for itself,” he said.

'Flaco' calls the popular journalist a coward in the digital space. | Video: Vilox TV

Jorge Fossati's team will face off after the win against Nicaragua Dominican Republic Next Tuesday, March 26 at 8:30 p.m. at the Monument d'Ate Stadium. They will come after facing their current rival Aruba.

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