EFE Economic Day topics for Sunday, January 28, 2024

FITUR 2024 concentration

Madrid – Tourism is one of the engines of the Spanish economy, responsible for a 70% real increase in GDP last year, but faces the challenge of continuing to grow without exacerbating the social rejection caused by the overexploitation of some destinations.

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Nissan Reindustrialization

BARCELONA – Former Nissan employees begin a new phase on February 1, when they will rejoin the world of work with a training contract guaranteeing them 1,575 gross euros a month after two years of unemployment, pending at the hub factory. The business plan will be fulfilled.



Types of markets

MADRID – The Federal Reserve (Fed) will meet on January 30 and 31 and analysts predict the institution will keep interest rates at the current 5.25-5.5% level while they await their arrival in 2024. and speed.



Employers with SMEs

Madrid – José María Torres, president of Conpymes, believes that the government recognizes its representation and stops giving subsidies “by hand”, he said in an interview with Efe.





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