El Local is the dream come true of two biologists from Waco with an interest in art

José Arcas is from Vigo and is a biologist In business, painting has occupied an important place in his life for 15 years. From childhood He grew up watching his mother draw Soon he himself began to make drawings of animals and elements of nature. Creativity flooded the family home, and although the first child chose the path of science, that artistic interest never disappeared.

After reading Biological SciencesArgas received his doctorate from the University of Vigo with a comprehensive thesis on sandpipers. A small bird that lives in the mouth of the Mino River. His journey in education and science has led the man from Vigo to participate in conservation projects for natural sites across Europe.

During those years he met His wife, Martha Robles, He is also a biologist with strong artistic interests. In their case, these are channeled through ceramic. After a life dedicated to the study and care of ecosystems and feeding their creativity, the couple has launched the “icing on the cake” for Jose Arcas in Waco: local, A cozy art studio located at No. 8 Pinter Lucries Street.

Paint in harmony with nature

“Painting Created in parallel Eventually it evolved until I took it seriously,” says José Arcas. He decided to dedicate himself to it professionally, and after that, the absolute protagonist of nature participated in and published several exhibitions with his beautiful watercolors. Editorial Galaxia with a book, Have You Seen It A unique journey into the life of invisible birds.

Additionally, he has been organizing outdoor watercolor workshops for years. Sessions a Field trip with all art supplies Take pictures of trees, plants or animals in the environment on paper. These landscape painting classes managed to gain the loyalty of a large group of people, which was a solid motivation to start. Set up your own campus.

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“With Painting in Nature You are a little limited, One day it may be very hot or bad weather Now we have a place Whether it rains or not, we can paint there, “explains Vigo’s biologist. The students of his watercolor sessions are mainly women between the ages of 40 and 50, and Arca recognizes that, after a long time, they are now. “Mr.”

His favorite landscapes to paint with his students are the Mino River estuary and Xunqueira del Lagares, the “jewel in Vigo’s crown”. José Arcas recognizes that “You don’t have to go far either.” and explains that you can find interesting birds to photograph in any urban park in Waco. “Now, the birds that go to Africa are migratory, in full migration,” he highlights.

A versatile space

Local is not just a place to attend workshops. “Further We do exhibitions. It has large windows for a view. You can offer books, you can offer specific workshops, but everything is always related to nature,” says Arkas. Though classes are currently only for painting, they will convert the ground floor to offer pottery lessons in the future.

Site A Old handicraft shop. Jose Arcas and his wife Marta Robles always looked after him. When the owner died and closed the business, he started asking prices, completely renovated the interior, and was able to open the store’s doors. “Designed so you never want to leave.”

This September they start with painting classes Monday to Thursday. Each session lasts one and a half hours and is taught at the following times: Monday and Wednesday, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM and 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM; Tuesdays, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. There is a class for children aged 10 to 14 on Tuesdays It takes place from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.. Los Spaces are limited And you can book by calling 637 86 24 39.

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