GLPRI Portal | The Solemn Space Congress was held in honor of Luis Eugenio Todd

GLPRI Portal |  The Solemn Space Congress was held in honor of Luis Eugenio Todd

Editor: PRI Assembly Committee

At the proposal of local PRI representative Lorena de la Garza Venecia, the State Congress held a commemoration to honor Dr. Luis Eugenio Todd Perez, who died on September 10 at the age of 87.

Relatives of Elvira Lozano, Dodd’s widow, Lucia Dodd Lozano, Francisco Cienfuegos Martinez, Rodrigo Dodd Lozano, Gabriel Dodd Alanis, Juliet Dodd Mejia, Rodrigo Soto More were present.

During his message, the local PRI legislator, Todd Perez, as rector of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL), created new educational programs, strengthened the pillars of education, and gave opportunities for advancement to thousands. Youth from Nuevo Leon.

“This State Congress pays a well-deserved posthumous tribute to this exceptional character who will no doubt be remembered by the collective memory of Nuevo Leon for his extraordinary life in various fields such as science, education, politics, medicine and medicine. Of course, sports and other fields,” he said in the statement.

“One could talk for hours about Dr. Dodd as a statesman, a public servant, an author, an educator, a physician, a distinguished orator, a scientist, a diplomatist, and a prominent editor. In which, I insist, he always took a great part; but his greatest honor, his The highest individuality, he often said, was the rector of his university, to which he always devoted his greatest efforts and efforts.

The executive committee led by local congressman Mauro Guerrera Villarreal and coordinators of various legislative committees presented a plaque to Todd’s widow, Mrs. Elvira Lozano.

“As a physician and scientist, he took advantage of his stays at prestigious North American universities to bring Latin America’s first magnetic resonance device to a university hospital. This was supported by his friend Raymond Damadian, who invented this advanced technology in medical care. Also, he established a urology department at the same university hospital, in the state “He pioneered the use of the artificial kidney, coordinating the medical team that performed the first kidney transplant in 1967,” he highlighted Heron.

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“At every moment of his life, he demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the well-being of others. His love for medicine, education and science was evident in his every word and every deed. He was a man. An enduring mark on all who had the privilege of knowing him,” he said.

In the political sphere, he was Secretary of State for Health, Federal Deputy, Ambassador of Mexico to UNESCO, and President of the State Science Council.


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