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Eneso adaptive technology It manufactures products based on new technologies, hardware and software to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. In these products we can see three different lines: multisensory stimulation rooms, augmentative and alternative communication and finally, access to technology.

How do they do it? They themselves develop these adaptive infrastructures and software. Sensory stimulation rooms are particularly difficult for people with severe disabilities to establish communication. Experiences with videos, music, lights, vibrations and sensations can be positively captured to interact with them. They tell us that these rooms are set up all over Spain, from Malaga, where the company is founded, to cities like Barcelona or Santander. They currently have over 50 rooms across Spain.

For those who cannot communicate orally, they work on augmentative and alternative communication. With various techniques such as the use of communication boards, these users can communicate. Additionally, they can make it possible for people with severe disabilities who cannot use a regular keyboard to access the Internet. All this through a series of systems, such as a head-mounted mouse or a control system with a do-it-yourself look.

The idea of ​​creating this institution arose from a working group, which included various professions such as therapy, engineering, business, economics, etc. They realized that there was a huge gap between the existing technology and the technology available to people with disabilities at that time, as everything was very outdated and the latest developments were not being used. They researched the market and found that, in addition to being huge, it was neglected. This became a huge business opportunity for them.

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Esther García, CEO of Eniso, mentions that they started selling their first products. The first thing they created was a mouse that was controlled by the head and allowed you to access the computer. “We saw that it sold, and people chose our product as a better choice than what was on the market,” he says.

Eneso was able to finance the company’s own operations from the beginning, as there are few companies in Spain that produce this type of product and the products they offer stand out precisely.

For them, winning the AJE Awards has filled them with excitement. Esther says that in 2009, when the company was not yet born, they were finalists in the AJE Awards for Entrepreneurs, so now winning the Business Path Award in the province confirms the best opportunity they have been given to stand out as a company. At that time it was possible. Currently, they have a great business performance and have established themselves as a major company in the market.

Eneso’s next goal is to further develop the sensor technology, making it even more innovative. In addition, they were recently able to move into a much larger location that will have a working lab where they can see and test their products.

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