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Actress Pilar Delgado says she was a good friend of Alex Brocka and feels the whole truth was not told in 'Sabuga'.

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Ernesto Pimentel at the reception of his film

“We're all bad in the other person's story, but I feel the film doesn't tell the truth. “There is a lot of difference between Alex's book and Ernesto's film,” he said.

To Pochita, Ernesto sells another picture of his. “Alex says bitter things, he talks about his mistakes, he's not a saint, but you go see the movie, it's 'Santa Chabuca', where Ernesto is always good and always the victim”, He mentioned in an interview with Chechi Yance.

Bochita on Alex Brokaw: “I went to his house every day”

He mentioned that he was with Alex in his last days. “Ernesto had the money to go to New York to pick up the retrovirals, Alex didn't.”. I went to his (Alex's) house every day. We also held a show at a nightclub to raise funds to buy retrovirals. Unfortunately, he had already developed cancer in his lymph nodes. He said the famous 'Bochita'.

Likewise, the actress assured that her friendship with Ernesto Pimentel ended as a result of her approach to Alex.

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