Ethel Pozo, displaced, says goodbye to her 14-year-old daughter: “I'm going to miss you so much”

Ethel Pozo is emotional as she says goodbye to her 14-year-old daughter. Instagram.

Ethel Bozo He is enjoying his vacation in Lima as far as the magazine he runs.America Today' Back to the wind. Last Friday, January 5, the TV presenter was separated from one of his daughters and engaged in very emotional moments.

This time she had to say goodbye to her 14-year-old daughter, Luana, who had traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to go skiing with a group of friends from school. As you may recall, this is the second time one of his daughters has split Ethel Bozo to undertake a long journey and be away from his home in Lima for several weeks.

Ethel Bozo She shared all the details of this sad farewell with her followers through her social networks.

“Today it's my baby's turn, my Luanita is going on a trip and I'm going to miss her so much. Lua, who makes us laugh every day, is going to Switzerland with a group of beautiful friends to do her favorite sport of life, skiing,” he explained in the video.

Ethel Pozo is emotional as she says goodbye to her 14-year-old daughter. Instagram.

But after this post, he continued to post stories on his account. Instagram And she showed how passionate she was by her haughty departure. In addition, he shared pictures with his mother Gisela Valcarcel. “Have fun Lua, we're here waiting for you,” he wrote.

“For now, my little one doesn't like photos so I put his heart in it, but she has the biggest heart. I love you Lua,” the host wrote. America Today Another photo shows her on the beach with her daughters.

He explained that he had to get up early to take his daughter to the international airport George Chavez She lost time and retired to rest, but not before sending greetings to her fans and advising them to respect her family, because for her that is the most important thing in her life.

Ethel Pozo and Gisela Valcárcel bid farewell to Luana, the youngest daughter of the family. Instagram.

Ethel Bozo As he completed the year 2023 he dedicated an emotional message to his family, especially his mother who is a popular TV host. Gisela ValcarcelThrough a publication in Instagram.

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After some speculation about the split between mother and daughter, Bozo shared photos with the popular 'Cenito' and thanked the family for the support they received after her home was robbed early last year.

“I am blessed to have a wonderful family that started with my grandmother Techi. He continued with my beautiful mother Gisela. “For my part, I try every day to be a better mother to Dom and Lua, and of course to love and share life with my husband,” she wrote on December 31.

Sister-in-law Michael Alexander He thanked him for participating in such programs.America Today' y'My mother cooks better than youProduction GV Productions, owned by his mother Gisela Valcárcel; Also in the novel 'Marichucha'.

After the unfortunate event that affected his personal security, Bozo considered that he focused on his career and got several job opportunities.

“They stole 'everything' from me, but they didn't steal what was really important, what was essential, my desire, my enthusiasm, my health, my love or my family. The desire that drives me to start again, yes I can! Even though sometimes they tell me no, I think everything is possible. If you work hard and try. That's how I embraced my tribe, God sent me a lot of work,” he said.

Ethel Pozo celebrates New Year 2024 with her mother Gisela Valcárcel.

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