Eva Aylon talks about her relationship with Natalia Malaga: “I’m happy”

The Peruvian singer-songwriter admitted in an interview her bond with former coach of the Peruvian volleyball team, Magali Medina.

The former coach and the singer have been spotted together on several occasions. | Photo: Composite / Facebook

Eva Aylan Magali visited Madina’s show last Thursday to address some of the questions raised by the controversial host and to promote her upcoming events. Although the Creole singer has not released anything new, he commented on the nature of his relationship with her Natalia Malaga It got a lot of attention on social media and was a hot topic.

In a conversation with ‘Urraca’, the Peruvian singer-songwriter wanted to put an end to the rumors and clarified. What is the real bond between them? what did he tell? Libero tells you

“I am proud and happy to have Natalia”

During the consultation of celebrated Creole singer La Urraga 50 years of artistic careerHe promised there was no “secret” and revealed that they have a very solid working relationship and friendship.

“I am proud and happy to have Natalia on my staff. On the staff (…) she combines all the knowledge of the trainer. She is also a trainer”The company is mentioned in Mahali TV.

“If the deal falls through, or if there are no requirements, I use her to go and talk. I don’t know how to fight. Thanks, not only to the order, but to the type of woman and the type of friendship I have with her. It’s a mutual respect”, was added.

“Everyone is free to love as they wish”

In previous versions of the show, the redhead neither denied nor confirmed that the singer and the athlete had a romantic relationship, but made it clear that love does not discriminate between the sexes.

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“Natalia is always there, solves anything, takes care of the details. It is said in the networks that there is something more than friendship, it is something that I cannot verify. It belongs to her intimate environment. The day she feels on my show, I will ask him, I am not a person who guesses cheap gossip”, Later revealed.

“For an artist I will never question your personal life if you decide to have a man or woman partnerAnd so I will never question it, because every man is free to love as he pleases, but I cannot absolutely confirm anything. For me, when they mention Eva Aylon’s name, it’s a great singer, one of the best singers in our country, she’s a great figure, I don’t know beyond that”, was added.

How did the Natalia Malaga and Eva Ayllon rumors start?

The relationship rumors started this year, when Eva Aylan There was an awkward moment during one of his shows at the Canout Theatre Natalia Malaga The Creole singer intervened to continue her performance.

The presence of the former athlete attracted the attention of users, which led to a series of speculations Social websites. Although the theme is popular, Magali He concluded by saying that I know the two have worked together for many years.

Who is Eva Aylan’s ex-husband and why did they break up?

Eva Aylan put a 35 years of passionate relationship with Juan Yamazaki, who had a son named Carlos. According to the artist, the end of his marriage Reasons for work and distance.

“He wanted to take me to America to get married, but I told him no one would move me from Peru. My marriage failed because I’m an artist and I travel a lot.” then pointed out.

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Eva Ayllon’s son confirms relationship with Mónica Torres

Carlos AylanThe Creole singer’s son surprised thousands by dedicating some tender words to the actress. “You’re the cure. Can’t stop thinking about the magic, about our love, who can separate it, my talisman, my talisman, you’re my salvation, you’re the one I’d die for, I love you little thing” , expresses.

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