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Terrible. A retired police officer will be involved in a new case Femicide in PeruAfter this Her ex-partner died of a gunshot wound while they were both in the subject’s vehicle.. Amid claims by relatives of the deceased, he has been arrested and is being held at a police station in Rimac district.

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Heide de la Cruz Navarro (61) Had a volatile relationship with a retired former police nurse Juan Carlos Cenis Bernabé, who couldn’t bear to see her break up. On Wednesday, October 18, the two met in his car and argued, after which the moment of death came.

An initial version by Senice Bernabe was that the two got into a fight after grabbing a gun from the glove compartment, and then he shot himself. However, the relatives of the victim insist that the injuries on the woman’s body are false and confirm that it was a case of femicide, for which they are demanding a thorough investigation.

Although a body arrived, PNP Augusto P. Heid’s son assures that his mother was taken to Leguia Hospital. With this in mind, Cenice Bernabe is arrested and taken to the El Manzano police station, where she confesses to femicide to the detriment of her partner.

Hayde de la Cruz Navarro’s son reports that his mother was murdered by her ex-partner. Photo: ATV

Relatives of the victim are strictly instructed

In a conversation with ATV, Heide de la Cruz Navarro’s son decried the delay in the case due to slow procedures at the El Manzano Police Station, where the accused’s son works in the said unit.

The case is stalled as his son, Victor Senis, does everything possible to delay the case.. Today (yesterday, wednesday) my mother was sent to the mortuary at 3pm and the tax report for her entry into the mortuary came after 4pm as her examination could not be done and will be done tomorrow (today, thursday). 18th).” he declared.

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It is noteworthy that Senice Bernabé will undergo an atomic absorption test to determine if she was the shooter. Meanwhile, relatives of the victim are crying out for justice for Heide de la Cruz’s sudden death.

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