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Riot Ecuador. Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio He was killed in a firing while participating in a campaign event in the Central Sector area on Wednesday That’s it, information to the relatives of the applicant. Interior Minister Juan Zapata confirmed the information and assured that men were responsible for the attack. Also, at least 9 people were injured.

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Carlos FigueroaA personal friend of Villavicencio, in a video broadcast on social networks, assured that the candidate died after being hit by shots, although he was transferred to the post. Women’s ClinicA medical center near the scene of the shooting.

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At this time, authorities have not released official information or additional details about the late afternoon incident in a suburban area. Coliseum Where Villavicencio It mobilized supporters within the framework of the election campaign ahead of the August 20 election.

Fernando Villavicencio59, one of the eight candidates First round of presidential election EcuadorA country where violence related to drug trafficking is on the rise.

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VillavicencioIdentified as a staunch critic of former President Rafael Correa (2007–2017). He rallied with police protection in the face of threats he received weeks earlier.

In addition to Villavicencio, environmentalist Yaku Pérez, Coresta Luisa González, security expert John Topic, former Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner, politician Daniel Hervas, businessman Daniel Noboa and independent Bolivar Armijos had registered for the presidential election. EFE

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According to local media reports, special agents were investigating the possibility of placing an explosive device in the coliseum of an academic unit where the candidate was proselytizing.

President of the Republic Guillermo Lazo reacted to the event and was “outraged and shocked” by the murder.

“He Defense Cabinet See you in a few minutes Carondelet (…) Organized crime has come a long way, but the full weight of the law will fall on them,” he said through an official message published this Wednesday at 7:29 p.m.

He murder Villavicencio This comes at a time when violence in the country is on the rise due to the activities of criminal gangs.

Numerous reports of murders, massacres, extortions, attacks with explosives and other crimes are reproduced daily, which have sown terror among Ecuadorians who have been victims of these types of violent acts for more than two years.

Ecuador It closed in 2022 with the highest violent death rate in its history, recording 25.32 per 100,000 people, according to the government, most of which are linked to organized crime and drug trafficking, which has strengthened along the coast and made the ports bigger. Cocaine springboards into Europe and North America.

Precisely, the fight against crime is one of the main promises of the candidates who want to make the leader of the conservative Guillermo Lasso in the extraordinary general election next Sunday, August 20.

In addition VillavicencioEnvironmentalist Yaku Pérez, Corista Luisa González, security expert John Topic, former Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner, politician Daniel Hervas, businessman Daniel Noboa and independent Bolivar Armijos were registered for the presidential election.

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