First National Congress of Biosphere Reserves begins

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development organized the first “National Congress on Biosphere Reserves” and the first “National Youth Forum on Biosphere Reserves” through the Secretary of Environmental Policy on Natural Resources. The sessions began this morning, with an opening ceremony at the headquarters of the National Portfolio, and will continue until Thursday.

These initiatives seek to promote dissemination of the role of 15 biosphere reserves distributed across the national territory in the conservation of landscapes and sustainable economic, human and cultural development. Also, they work with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), National Biosphere Reserves and The Youth Network to work on joint activities and strengthen the pillars of sustainable development.

Beatriz Domingorena, Secretary of Environmental Policy for Natural Resources, opened the meeting, noting that “the importance of biosphere reserves to all, but essentially the generation of public policies that arise from federalism and are developed through experience.” He also explained that “the important thing about ecology is the synthesis between intersections and intersections.” “Creating environmental issues is associated with innovative thinking,” the official added. It’s a job I value.” It’s worth it.”

For his part, the National Director of Planning and Environmental Management of the Region, Guido Venezial, pointed out: “Within the framework of forward-thinking new challenges, we have decided to hold the first National Congress of Biosphere Reserves very strongly. With the first Youth Forum of Biosphere Reserves in the country, the commitment on the part of this Ministry to open to young people.” “We have a country that we can be very proud of, especially the policy on protected areas that we have had during this four-year administration led by Juan Gabande,” he said, adding: “Biosphere reserves are a category. Human-inclusive conservation and a reasonable and feasible way to continue expanding protected areas in our country. the way

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During the conference, through a detailed action plan in the presence of national leaders on this subject, the definition of work objectives was planned within the scope of the National Biosphere Reserve Network and the National Youth Network of Biosphere Reserves. UNESCO MaB Project. In addition, it is set as an example to collect information on activities carried out by different biosphere reserves to present them at the 2nd Congress of the IberoMaB Network to be carried out in the Tribinio Biosphere Reserve (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador). ) from October 31 to November 3, 2023.

On Wednesday, a field visit is planned at the Paraná Delta Biosphere Reserve in San Fernando.

Biosphere Reserves are areas composed of terrestrial or coastal marine ecosystems, or a combination of both, where alternatives are encouraged to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. Argentina 15: Laguna de los Pozuelos, Jujuil; in Yungas, Salta and Juju; Laguna Blanca, in Catamarca; San Guillermo in San Juan; Ñacuñan, in Mendoza; Riacho Duguito, Laguna Oga and Herradura del Rio Paraguay in Formosa; Yabotí, in the missions; South Coast Park, Paraná Delta, Pereira Airola and Mar Chiquito Atlantic Park, in Buenos Aires; Andino Narpatagonica, Nuquenil, Rio Negro and Subut; and Valdés and Patagonia Azul, Chubut.

MAB Program Coordinator, Graciela Pien, who also participated in the launch; Coordinator of Institutional Relations of the National Parks Administration, Flavio Turné; and Gabriel Tato, General Director of Environmental Policies of the Municipality of San Fernando.

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