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La 2 airs its 100th show Orbital time, A space devoted to science, and a report TV documents It examines the internal organs of the company Total energies. For its part, Telecinco presents the second installment of the new season of the series Entrivias. As for the movie, fans can watch it perfect crime, Alfred Hitchcock, already on TCM dark water, In the dark, by Hideo Nakata.

100 projects by ‘Orbita Leica’

22.00, La 2

The space dedicated to science at La 2 today turns 100 programs and celebrates it with an installment in which viewers can learn a little more about its nuances and secrets. In addition, he will explore how some experiences in the world of epigenetics can be encoded in DNA and talk about the fun topic of superbacteria that have already developed resistance to antibiotics.

‘Perfect Crime’

22.05, DCM

Dial M for murder. EE UU, 1954 (100 minutes). Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Description: Grace Kelly, Ray Milland, Robert Cummings, John Williams.

Perfect offense It is one of the clearest examples of Hitchcock’s visual flair. Every frame and every camera movement is loaded with meaning in a work that uses sets and objects as the dramatic engines of its dark intrigue. The master emphasizes the brutal dynamics of the story with a camera that simultaneously narrates and narrates, and creates an unbearable tension even in moments when the action seems to be suffocating to begin with more force.

‘Entrevias’ Part II

22.50, Telecinco

A new episode of the third season Interviews It tells how Thirso is consumed by guilt after Nata’s death. He will also have to face the fact that Dente has taken command of the gang and is willing to kill him to avenge his cousin’s death. Additionally, Nelson and Ximena find Irene covered in blood and take her to the hospital. Faced with a fatal outcome, they try to convince Thirso to flee the neighborhood before the gang members come after him.

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23.50, La 2

Report Total’s eco-friendly facelift A press investigation reveals the enormous production of fossil fuels by a French oil company. Journalists were able to get inside the fossil fuel company, which produces oil and gas in 130 countries. In 2021, it became powerful Total energies With a profit of 16,000 million dollars. Although it claims to be committed to society and concerned and aware of climate change, it produces only 0.38% of its energy from renewable sources.

‘Dark Water’

24.00, darkness

Japan, 2002 (102 minutes). Director: Hideo Nakata. Artists: Hitomi Kuroki, Ryo Kanno.

After two fantastic deliveries That ring, Japanese Hideo Nakata continues to reinvent worn-out forms of horror cinema with this horror and horror film that immerses a mother and her daughter inside a house dominated by strange presences. Nakata manages to change Dark water A story full of vigor, edges, shadows and horror, not just in the monument of the horror genre, but in an explosive mosaic of funeral and suffocation scenes. All this without using a single drop of blood.

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