First space surgical robot to go to ISS

Robotic surgery technology demo – NASA

Madrid, as 31. (Europe Press) –

The first space surgical robot flies to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of cargo. Supply ship Cygnus It left Cape Canaveral on Tuesday.

Robotic Surgery Tech Demo (RSDT) is used Novel miniature surgical robot It will complete simulated surgical tasks in orbit autonomously and remotely controlled by a user from Earth.

The purpose of this research by NASA and the University of Nebraska is to evaluate the functionality of a robot. Simulated surgical tasks In the orbital spaceflight environment. It introduces performing remote surgical tasks in space New challenges not seen on earth, Including microgravity and increased latency.

In autonomous mode, the robot performs a subset of surgical tasks independently. At this stage, the robot performs predetermined movements to complete the desired tasks. In network mode, the robot is controlled by the surgical user from a ground interface.

Tasks are arranged throughout the robot's workspace so that the device can complete tasks through a full range of motion.

Comparing internal data with data from similar experiments conducted on Earth may inform the design of robotic surgical systems to provide medical care during future long-duration missions. NASA said.

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