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(G for Gestión) You don't have to leave the city to enjoy one of the most popular sandwiches in the national collection. Here we present a selection of five places where you can enjoy the classic pan con chicharon. Whether for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner, this sandwich is a favorite among all Peruvians.

Although its origins are uncertain, the dish is believed to have gained popularity with the arrival of Pig Iberian to America. In fact, chicharrón is eaten in countries like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, and Cuba. But ours, on crusty bread, with sweet potato and onion sarsa, came together. Favorite breakfast foods of all Peruvians. Generally, it is prepared using pork. The recipe? The meat is boiled with annatto and spices such as pepper, onion and salt; Although there may be variations. After the meat is boiled, it is taken out in hot oil where it gets a crispy texture on the outside.

Here we present a selection of places where you can enjoy this bite without leaving the city.

El Cinedo

This restaurant started in a small space in the center of Lima. Felix Yong, the son of Chinese immigrants, rented a small space that quickly became famous for its sandwiches. His son Louis, a medical student, continued the tradition. Today the Yong family has twelve companies where they serve the heritage Bread with pork and other delicacies In ribs, tamales, and other delicacies. They also serve saffroncito, a delicious souffa with pork slices.

Photo: El Cinedo

Joyce's Cicharonaria

In the heart of San Borja is this chicharoneria, which opened its doors in the middle of the pandemic. In addition to its classic buns with pork, it offers other classic sandwiches and dishes with an oriental feel, such as saffa rice, soba, tonkatsu, and chicken katsu. But their specialty, the bread with chicharon, is offered in two sizes: the regular one, with 120 grams of meat and , with 180 pork skins. They have a sandwich with chicharrón and filling. They all come with sarsa criola and sweet potatoes.

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Photo: Joyce Cicharon

Inca Chicharones

In 2000, two young entrepreneurs decided to open a At the heart of the Inca Trails. Demand grew quickly and they now have five locations; In Surco and Pueblo Libre. It offers the classic pork rind sandwich in two sizes, the other with wood-fired pork, turkey, a classic hamburger, the Pondiola sandwich, the stuffed sandwich, and more. Their menu includes tamales, fillings and drinks.

Photo: Chicharrones del Inca


If you go on a weekend, we recommend going early. Opened in 1980, this busy establishment offers generous portions of bread with chicharon, Pork loin or filling. They also have family combinations to enjoy breakfast at home. Their Creole tamales are extraordinary.

Photo: El Farolito.

Chicharones Gio

45 years ago Alfonso and They tend to make their first place, offering chicharones. They now have eleven stores, three located in the San Miguel district. In addition to classic bread with chicharron, they offer cylinder pork sandwiches, BBQ pork, turkey, house ham, stuffing, etc. They also offer combos, family packages, grilled chicken, sausages and lunches.

Photo: What

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