Yola Polastri, the ‘TV girl’ who has been loved by generations and is now fighting for her life with a stroke.

Yola Polastri suffered from cerebral palsy and is being treated in the intensive care unit Magali TV: Law Firm

Yola Bolastrifeatured Entertainment for Peruvian children, has over 50 years of experience, making generations fall in love. He is known for acting in shows likeChildren’s World’,’Children and their World’ y’Hello YolaEmerged as an icon on children’s television in the country.

His shows aired for more than 20 years, achieving high audience ratings and marking an era in Peruvian television. These television breaks, started Panamericana Television Then they went America TelevisionIt was the birthplace of countless children’s songs that are still remembered as classics.

Yola Polastri is in the ICU with cerebral palsy.

Yola Polastri, born February 25, 1950, trained there Santa Rosa de Lima School He also honed his skills in ballet Miraflores with Diana Kane and Fanny Dreyfuss, and ballet in modern dance with Trudy Kressel. He also trained at the Lima Theater Club.

His career in television began at the age of 17 Panamericana TelevisionHe participated in various soap operas and shows along with famous actors like Ofelia Lazo, Sabi Kamalich Y Ricardo Bloom. His most notable works include co-starring in anime and novels.

When signed with America Television, Yola Bolastri He began directing and producing his children’s shows, establishing himself as a pioneer of Peruvian television. The quality of its products and its commitment to children were the main pillars of its popularity.

Yola Polastri suffered from cerebral palsy and is being treated in the intensive care unit.

In the late 80s and early 90s, it faced a decline in popularity due to the emergence of modern children’s shows like this one.Yuli’s show, ‘Nubelous’ Y ‘The Xuxa Show’. Despite this, Bolastri did not stop his activity and devoted himself to private shows, event animations and his workshop for young talents.

In the 2000s, he continued to perform Martian Theatre And this Teatro Canout. In 2005, he organized an event called ‘Reclaiming Values’ Memorial StadiumIntegrates 15 thousand people.

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Although she has been away from television for years, she remains ever present with small screen presentations and sporadic appearances as special guests.

Yola Bolastri suffers cerebral palsy and remains in critical condition in ICU: “Her condition is delicate”

In September 2018, Step parents She underwent embolization after a brain aneurysm was diagnosed. “Medicine has advanced so much that it was inoperable, and now it’s over, and here I am. I hope I found a chance meeting. “You have a time bomb in your head, it’s called an aneurysm,” the artist pointed out at the time. Day dHe asked for prayers for his health.

Apart from that, she shared the details of the difficult time she went through and how she realized that something bad was happening to her. “It was the result of forgetfulness in the theater. I was on stage and they told me, we already counted the chicken (La Gallina Duruleca). So, well, I organized everything well because it was a matter of a second,” said Yola. Fernando Diaz.

Yola Bolastri and the aneurysm threat she suffered in 2018: “I have a time bomb in my head” | ATV

The doctor recommended that he have an arterial MRI. “The result came out with that echo. I went back into the machine and the aneurysm came out,” Yola explained, adding that because of the aneurysm, he needed surgery soon. About 8 millimeters.

The operation was successful, and after some time, he resumed his artistic activities.

Despite loving children, the artist decided not to have children, facing questions and harsh criticism from a traditional country at the time.

During the conversation with him Radio Programs of Peru (RPP), Yola Bolastri He explained the reasoning behind his decision not to start a family of his own. The children’s entertainer’s total dedication to her career and education was decisive: “I was very clear about my responsibilities,” she said.

Yola Polastri is in critical condition and is in the ICU. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Despite frequent questions about her love life, Bolastri has always kept a low profile regarding her privacy. “I had a lot of work to do: I studied, I worked on television, I was worried about improving,” he reiterated on the radio show.

As he noted in the interview, these responsibilities left him little room to consider other personal aspects.

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In 2023, Paulo HidalgoProducer and Assistant Yola BolastriHe was found dead with violent symptoms Sosika, after disappearing in February. Authorities found his body lying in a warehouse Alameda HoombaniThis launched a lengthy investigation into the circumstances of his death.

The disappearance of the 43-year-old businessman was initially reported by Yola Polastri on his social networks, requesting help to find him after losing contact with him since last Saturday, February 4. Hidalgo, after breakfast with his sister Karina Luz HidalgoStopped responding to any communication, which raised alarm about his whereabouts.

A few days later, Paulo Hidalgo’s truck was found in the area ate, When many subjects tried to steal it. The police arrested the persons. The discovery led to new clues, such as unauthorized financial movements in Hidalgo’s accounts, according to reports received by the businessman’s sister, indicating the possibility of a robbery.

“He was the victim of an attack and a death that is hard to fathom. We are going to miss you so much and may God rest you in His glory. Our deepest condolences to his entire family for such an immediate and painful loss. RIP,” he said. Yola Bolastri On his Instagram account, he showed how much this sad news affected him.

In 2024, the artist announced that he was at the last stage of his artistic page. However, he has not stopped holding private shows for his true fans. He performed at the Eduardo DiBose Coliseum in San Borja on February 3. ‘Hello Yola Rocker’. In this show he performed his signature songs like ‘La Gallina Turuleca’, ‘Mi Ranchito’ and ‘El Ego’.

“I’m playing my last games,” the TV personality announced to the Expresso newspaper, which made her followers nostalgic since childhood.

Yola Polastri, her retirement from the stage and her last statements. Instagram.

‘Girl on TV’ o’Queen of Children, He, as he is fondly called, is facing one of the toughest moments of his life and has been in intensive care since Monday, May 13.

His brother Augusto Polastri He was in charge of delivering the sad news. “She’s unconscious, she’s sleeping. This morning she didn’t wake up, her blood pressure increased a little bit,” he said on Magali Madina’s program. He also pointed out that only doctors can confirm whether the entertainer, dancer and singer is not at risk within four days while she is under observation.

is also known On Tuesday, May 14, he regained consciousness. However, because her relatives could not see her yet There are no scheduled visits.

Yola Polastri’s brother insists he’s in very bad health and didn’t wake up with cerebral palsy | Magali TV: Law Firm

Many friends and supporters have expressed their grief over the tragedy. One of them is Carlos Cacho, who dedicated some words to him and posted a heartfelt video where he enjoyed his birthday. Yola Bolastri.

Yola Polastri celebrates her 74th birthday | Instagram/@cachomakeup

TV anchors and journalists following the artist’s life expressed their feelings and wishes for the artist’s speedy recovery.

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By communicating withAmerica Today’, This Thursday, May 16, Carlos Cacho ‘The Girl on TV’ had an accident at home before suffering a stroke.

“Five days later, Patti (Loyola) answers me after persuasion and tells me: ‘Yola falls down the stairs of her house. The make-up artist said that he was unable to walk and lost a bit of his sight, so it looked like he had been hit on the leg.

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