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Through its official sites, the National Seismological Center (CSN) today, Wednesday, October 11, disseminates its report on the latest earthquakes in Chile with real-time updates.

Past Tremors in Chile todayWednesday, October 11Collected officially, with data such as epicenter, size and exact time from the University of ChileIt shares daily official reports on telluric movements that occurred in the national territory during the day.

Tremors in Chile today, Wednesday, October 11

The high seismic activity in Chile is due to its geographical and geotectonic location. The South American country is located in an intense convergence zone between the Nazca Plate and the South American Plate, resulting in high energy output and frequent earthquakes.

What was the most powerful earthquake in Chilean history?

On the afternoon of May 22, 1960, the largest earthquake on record, with a magnitude of 9.5, was centered in the town of Traiguen in Maleco province. However, it is called the “Valdivia Earthquake” because it caused so much damage.

The seismic activity also triggered a tsunami with waves up to 10 meters high, which devastated much of the south of the country. The tsunami was felt beyond Chile, reaching Asia, and in Japan, for example, it was hit by waves six meters high, causing many deaths and significant damage in its wake. The official death toll is not accurate, it is only known that more than 2 thousand people were infected.

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