For the first time in history, mankind was able to destroy an asteroid

Who is going to tell the earth that one day it will end Change a small part of the universe. Well, everything points to that, as confirmed by an analysis published this Monday in the journal 'Nature Astronomy'. Humanity would have achieved this for the first time in history An asteroid would completely disintegrate. It is, of course, about Popular dimorphosesThe celestial body within September 2022 Attacked by NASA's DART mission. Already, the first analysis confirmed that the spacecraft was able to divert the course of the asteroid. Now, further studies, in addition, This human-driven impact Could have been completely redesigned This material.

A new study suggests that the impact of the DART mission against asteroid demorphoses may have reversed its structure.

New research led by scientist Sabina Radukan from the University of Bern, a Complete simulation To assess the impact of DART knockdown against demorphosis. In the beginning, there was only the objective of this mission To divert the path of this celestial body (At the time, it was only carried out as a technical experiment, but it could be important in the future Planetary defense missions to protect our planet The ultimate impact A giant asteroid like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs) but analysis to date shows, not just DART Changed the trajectory of Dimorphos But still The asteroid's own structure may have been reversed.

A heap of heaps

The asteroid in question, according to the experts who led the work, may actually be a “pile of debris” with a diameter of 160 meters. Detachment and material re-accumulation Ejected from the binary asteroid Didymos. The analyzes suggest that the structure of demorphoses (or the cohesive force that holds bits of space rock together) is relatively weak. The absence of large rocks on the surface, along similar lines, indicates that The entire asteroid may be relatively fragile. From these data, models carried out by Radukan's team suggest that Impact of the DART mission “Could have completely replaced the moon”, and, “”Matter rebounds from its interior“.

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According to the experts who led this work, the DART project has provided key information for the origin and analysis A combination of asteroids like dimorphos. These data also Provide a blueprint for future work One who wants to explore the heart of this universe. For example, the European Space Agency plans to launch across the board This year (probably starting in October) A mission that will reach Didymos in January 2027. Its objective is, on the one hand, to study the impact of its predecessor, DART, and on the other, to analyze its structure in depth. For the first time, too, Hera It will try to position nano satellites as well as Interplanetary communication devices.

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