Franco highlights that 113 out of 506 million of the economic budget goes to active employment policies.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Employment Next year’s budget proposal has budgeted 506.77 million euros for tourism, trade and handicrafts, which is close to the total budget the ministry had in 2015. This was highlighted by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Employment, Patricia Franco, during her speech on Economy and Economics. Budget Commission of Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha.

“This is a balanced and realistic budget that focuses on people who face great difficulties in accessing the labor market, and commits to strengthening and modernizing our business fabric, supporting our SMEs and the self-employed. Commitment with our tourism, our trade and our handicrafts,” noted Counselor said. The ministry’s budget will be 506.77 million euros in 20240.3 percent higher than the initial budget of the economy in 2023.

In this budget, Patricia Franco highlighted, “We are going to allocate more than eight out of every ten euros to employment policies, vocational training, our business fabric and tourism.” And although the completion of projects carried out with European MRR funds will directly affect some, it increases in important goods. “Funds allocated to occupational health and safety increased by 17.8 percent, surpassing four million euros for the first time,” said Patricia Franco, who highlighted “the largest investment in vocational training in our history” in the labor department. More than 121 million euros and a special commitment to twin projects; With an allocation of 117.7 million euros for tourism, trade and handicrafts; Without forgetting self-employment and the social economy, of almost 44 million euros to directly support our business structure, we will allocate 33 million euros, and with a clear commitment to active employment policies, we will allocate 113 million euros,” he noted.

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These items consolidate significant growth in the budgets of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Employment, which has been sustained since 2015. “Then, the ministry’s budget was 154.85 million euros, that is, in nine years, we increased it to 227.25. percent, that is, 352 million euros should be allocated to support the economic and labor structure of the region,” he pointed out. Patricia FrancoItems such as FP in the labor sector (over 121 million euros), employment (113 million euros) or tourism, trade and handicrafts (117.7 million euros) “represent a much closer investment than was in those items. The budget of the entire ministry when we came to government”, a As an example, he pointed to the progress made in supporting the economic and labor structure since the president came to executive power.

Among the items, the consultant highlighted the permanence of successful projects in the region, born at the mercy of the European MRR funds, which is why the administration is committed to maintaining them with its own funds. I am investigating with two million euros; Or the first experiences in the management project, which will have an investment of three million euros next year.

For these calls, new powerful challenges and innovations will be added Active Placement Support Program, “in which 867 local companies in the region participated, a clear example of support for thoughtful innovation”; As well as calls in all branches of the FP in the area of ​​labor, «including 42.7 million euros for twin projects linking training and employment; Twelve million euros in support for the start-up and consolidation of the activity of self-employed persons; 22 million euros to support the employment of 4,200 people with disabilities in the 96 specialized employment centers we have in the region”, in addition, “two million euros are needed to improve the safety of our workplaces. ‘Safe Castilla-La Mancha’ project.

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A 50 percent increase in investment material, which will reach 72 million euros, with important projects such as the Guidance and Entrepreneurship Center in Toledo (2.2 million euros) or the Fuerte de San Francisco project. An investment of almost 3.9 million euros in 2024; In addition to new construction or renovation works Embilia offices of Cuenca, Daimiel, Villacanas, Manzanares; Almaden and Ciudad Real; Along with the continuation of important projects such as tourism landmarks.

In short, this is a budget that “combines public support and private progress”, as 333 million euros are to be allocated to employment policies and the business sector, “more than half, 172.13 million euros, goes directly to SMEs and the self-employed in the region; 31.5 percent to local companies and institutions, almost 130 million euros; the remaining 17 percent for families and non-profit organizations,” said Patricia Franco, recalling, however, that “the final recipients of all the projects are always the people of our region.”

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