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‘Gado’ Bazan gives his take on Grupo 5 and Peruvian cumbia. Composition LR/Facebook/’Gato’ Bazán/Facebook/Group 5 | Composition LR/Facebook/’Gato’ Bazán/Facebook/Group 5 | ‘Gado’ Bazan gives his take on Grupo 5 and Peruvian cumbia. Composition LR/Facebook/’Gato’ Bazán/Facebook/Group 5

Luis Enrique Bazan, known as ‘Kate’, spent almost 30 years at Armonia 10; Now it has its own band, which is baptized Don Gato and his gang. He enjoys working with his daughter Michelle Nicole.

In an interview with La República, ‘Gato’ Bazán also reflects on the current moment in Peruvian cumbia. He promises that the genre is making a comeback, but he’s against groups like Grupo 5 because “cumbia should continue to be mainly for the people.” The iconic entertainer also lamented the disputes between Walter Lozada’s children and the brothers of the deceased.

‘Gado’ Pasan talks about current Peruvian cumbia

Since you’re the recognized voice of cumbia, what did you think of Grupo 5’s three great concerts at the San Marcos Stadium?

– See, cumbia is a rhythm born in human settlements, in the mountains, in the suburbs. It’s brutal to reach that cumbia world. Agua Marina had its good moment, Armonia 10, too. In recent years, Kumbia has climbed two or three more steps because it was a bit behind, but Cumbia has to continue to be mainly for people, because you can’t pay 300 or 400 soles to see you. I think music should always be a priority, people can enjoy it and enjoy it. Because the city that made it known is the city that brought you to where you are now. All the above groups should not forget where they came from.

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‘Kado’ Bhazan questioned the exorbitant prices charged by some kumbia groups. Image: LR Collection/YouTube capture

—I mean, were you against the prices charged at Group 5 San Marcos Stadium?

“Certainly… people don’t earn much. It is true that we are entrepreneurs; So, this situation (epidemic) has not pushed us to the ground. When the epidemic came, they disbanded us (at Armonia 10) and I went to work, I was not home until sickness or death came. Based on the epidemic, I have it now. I also work and make people enjoy what I know.

Lucho Bazan is in charge of the orchestra ‘Don Gado y Su Bandila’. Photo: Facebook ‘Gato’ Bazán

– Along with the epidemic, more expensive boxes also appeared. Does that bother you too?

—Initially, I didn’t see it as bad because people liked it, but now it’s institutionalized and businessmen believe it should always be like that. They divide them into classes, I don’t know why they do that. Where did it come from? It must be a popular price and they are profitable if they sell beer for 25 for two. It’s out of reach, and there are plenty of people who don’t go anymore because it shouldn’t be.

A while ago you said that Grupo 5 and Agua Marina were equal, do you think that now the band Yapen has become a bit more?

-clear, It was picked up because of its influence on marketing and television. As I said before, Christian Yapen is very intelligent and they prepared him a lot. But don’t move away from the town, don’t lose your identity or your simplicity. Out of the group formed by his father and uncles, how many singers and very good artists have now formed group 5! But now singers like Victor Romero don’t have that stuff in their voices. Now that Christian has recorded all the songs, he’s remastered them. So, it is wrong. Where is the respect for the other singers who sang what group 5 means?

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‘Kado’ Bazan gives his opinion on the dispute between Armonia 10’s heirs.

– I think you know about the dispute between Walther Lozada’s brothers and sons, do you regret that situation?

– Of course. But Armonia 10 is a brand. But the company’s director, Walter Lozada, held the majority stake. But all the brothers had a function. And when Walther died, there was a gap between uncles and nephews. This is very painful because Armonia 10 has never been involved in scandals. It affects me because I’ve been in the band for 29 years and it’s always been like a family. Singers arrived and performed their cycle or became independent and the band continued. And I am very sad to see such controversies now. But Armonia 10 is a brand that has already earned a name, a name with a lot of history.

What do you think of the Walther Lozada y Orquesta conducted by children?

– I take it as a new orchestra, an orchestra that must gradually take place. But the best way to gain ground is by proving it musically and doing what they know, not by confronting each other. But the most important thing is to create topics because they are stagnant. They only make reviews.

Walter Lozada’s children founded a band in his honor. Photo: Facebook

How many children does the ‘Basan’ cat have?

“Kado” Bazan and his wife, Fanny Ladins, have 4 children. Gianfranco, Alessandro, Angelo and MichaelThey are all integrated Don Gato and his gangAlthough the animator initially rejected the idea. “I never wanted any of my children to be musicians because one walks away from the family.”indicated to the Republic.

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His eldest son, Gianfranco Pazan Ladins, is the group’s lead guitarist. Second, Alexandre Bazan recorded the song “I Don’t Want to See You Anymore” and Michelle Nicole was the band’s female vocalist.

What did “Kado” Bhazan say about his daughter’s music debut?

He ‘Gato’ is a basan She vowed she didn’t want to “perfect” her children for purists, so the music debut of her daughter Michelle Nicole, 22, pointed out that she “has a very different voice and doesn’t follow.” In response to comments comparing her to Corazon Serrano’s singers.

“I want him to find his way, but now he’s with me so he can get a lot of experience. I see that she sings well and has good instincts. Now the explanation will get to it bit by bit”, he revealed.

‘Kado’ Bazan and his daughter Michelle Nicole. Photo: Instagram

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