Genesis Tapia reveals intimate conversation with Ale Venturo on video shows

Controversy Genesis Tapia Drome is a new guest on the podcast ‘Cafe con la Chevez’ where he talks about his closeness and other characters like Case. Ale Venturo Y Rodrigo Cuba. In the middle of the interview, the lawyer recalled his conversation with the pastry chef and his admission of being betrayed by ‘Kate’.

A super cute girl, there were moments when I would talk to her and she would explain to me some things that happened with her.“She strikes me as a woman, curious, intelligent and beautiful, she has a very beautiful energy, but her emotional flaws are very apparent,” he said.

Genesis Tapia told the journalist Carla Chevez It was Ale Venturo who confirmed the infidelity and it happened because of his interview with a well-known psychologist from America Television about Lisbeth Cueva.

She confirmed it to me on Instagram and I can show it to you after the interview, she confirmed it to me… We are not friends, she wrote to me when I had a report with a famous psychologist on Channel 4, the psychologist began to attack her, she was born, I was in that situation, there we are vulnerable women and you “breastfeed and pass everything on to your child”, he said. said.

Genesis Tapia at Cafe Con La Chevez: His Beginnings in Cumbia and His Deeply Personal Stories. (Photos: Lenin Tadeo)

Genesis Tapia: “I’ve Never Been All Venturo’s Advocate”

Former dancer Genesis Tapia clarified that she was not Ale Venturo’s lawyer and that is why she did not breach any kind of confidentiality in her revelations.

“You can’t have that little empathy and still be a mental health professional and speak against a woman. She is writing to thank me… I was criticized a lot at the time for the confidentiality of a lawyer, but I was never her lawyer and she never confided in me about it., What she did’Thanks for talking about me like that, I’ve been through it, and if you have another interview, let me know the truth. was added.

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“Then, two days later, I sat down on Channel 4, and with their approval I send their truth. If you read carefully, she confirms that there is betrayal. If you go through those kinds of situations, you know how to recognize certain patterns because you have already lived them, so I feel that she has very significant emotional deficits, I told her, and she believes too much in the matter of witches…” , he pointed out.

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