Get to know the location at the Fundadores de Toluca Science Park

Fundadores de Toluca is located in Campus No. 5 of the Science Park Star Space 2.0It aims to provide Free activities To bring people closer to the world Scientific and astronomical observation.

This weekend, they will be held at the Fundadores Science Park Toluca Valley Astronomical SocietyConventions you can look out for The largest sunspot in our SunAlso learn more about it.

“From From January 30 to February 25, this project will be implemented. We are dedicated to providing a variety of activities that are completely free. The most fascinating thing is solar observation through telescopes »Guadalupe Zamora, secretary of the Astronomical Society of Toluca Valley, said.

These solar observations through telescopes serve the general public so that we understand solar activity, our dimension with different points and flares, and observe our place in space.

“It helps us prepare Solar eclipse on April 8 this yearWith a view to talking about filters and safe viewing, you can know all the charts to see this astrological event »Guadalupe Zamora pointed out.

At that place, you can also buy items from some local brands, where some space-related products are on sale. Also, the little ones can participate in a free painting workshop.

Los Activities and observation from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.Completely free and to get more information about this association, you can follow them on their social networks like Asociación Astronómica Del Valle De Toluca on Facebook or @aavat__ on Instagram.

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