Guardians Frontline now with more vehicles, weapons and technology

Guardians Frontline’s first major update is here, and it makes the game just a little bit more desirable HaloIn addition to vehicles to transport troops, flying bikes, more weapons and improvements to the tech tree. Vehicles & Technology Update Lava Biome also adds Critter Den environments, additional map editor tools, and unique avatars.

Vehicles & Technology Update

  • Medic pistol to drain health from enemies and heal your units
  • Vehicles: Float bike A two-seater tank to slide on the ground and transport troops.
  • Field Weapons: Explosive arrows, teleport arrows, armor-piercing rounds, repair drones, and smart detonators through tech tree progression.
  • New Lava Biome: A rugged, volcanic landscape.
  • Additional tools in the map editor: placing eggs and parts in places with errors, beacons for dark maps, item selection via boxes.
  • MATCHMAKING IMPROVEMENTS: Add players from a specific friends list to quickly queue up for the next battle or view a list of recent defenders.
  • 5 new avatars.

Guardians Frontline A game developed by a Spanish studio The virtual age It combines several genres: action and first-person shooters, tower defense, and real-time strategy mechanics in a structured space. Its release is mandated Fast travel games. It’s available for Meta Quest 2, PC VR and Pico headsets (the version is still in early access).

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