Harvey Collzado, Former Interior Minister Says “The President Is Scared”

Harvey Colzado was released by the PNP from Diviak. Video: Chanel N

Harvey Colzado has been relieved as head of the National Police's High Complexity Crime Investigation Unit (TVAC), the former interior minister confirmed. Mariano Gonzalez In conversation with Canal N.

The former head of the minister noted that the disgraced officer had two investigations open at the inspectorate: one into the lack of an operational plan in the raid on Tina Polwart's house and the other into her birthday cake.

In this regard, Gonzalez called on the administrator to withdraw the decision. “The last sane voices in government must advise the President to stop these reckless, undemocratic and institutional attacks. “Many people say the colonel disrespected the president, but Tina Polwart was the first person to disrespect the president,” he noted.

Harvey Colzado was one of the police officers most questioned by this and Pedro Castillo's government. | diffusion

At another time, the former minister recalled that he was warned by the ousted PNP commander-in-chief of the intention to remove the colonel. “A scheme announced earlier is being made permanent. General Angulo said it two months ago. It was part of the plan to get rid of Colzado as usual, which they are carrying out. It shows the government's intention to avoid investigations,” he added.

In that regard, he questioned about the investigation into the raid at the head of state's house and said, “Diwak, Colonel Colzado or all the officials have nothing to do with it. “This is an exclusive request from the Attorney General's Office.”

Former Interior Minister Mariano Gonzalez said he wanted to get rid of Harvey Colzado “at any cost.” Video: Chanel N

In conversation with end point, Former Commanding General National Police of Peru Víctor Torres, then head of the (PNP) Interior, had the intention of separating Harvey Colchado, head of DIVIAC and General Coordinator of the Special Committee Against Corruption in Power.

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“What's the relationship with the task force?” asked the journalist. “He asked me once if he could retire General Harvey Colzado,” Angulo replied.

It is significant This isn't the first time Harvey Colzado has asked for a breakup By higher ups. Before Dina Boluarte's assumption, Pedro Castillo himself, through his lawyer Eduardo Pachas, requested the Inspector General of Police to initiate a sanctioning process that would lead to the retirement of Colonel Harvey Colchado.

At the time, a search warrant was issued at the Government Palace on August 9 last year, looking for Yeni Paredes, who was linked to alleged improprieties in the administration of the former president's office.

Harvey Colzado heads the High Complexity Criminal Investigation Division

Harvey Colzado's lawyer Stefano Miranda announced this They demand that the measure be withdrawn It was described as “disproportionate, inappropriate, discouraging and a flagrant violation of my client's rights”.

“We are very concerned about this decision. We are going to fight for their rights and the job stability they deserve,” he told Colzado's Guardian.

Regarding the investigation into the birthday cake he received and its spread on social media, he pointed out that “it was not a serious or very serious crime because it came from a personal cell phone.”

“Furthermore, it is not only the President of the Republic whose door is opened in this way. More than six proceedings have been carried out under the same premise and show this inconsistency of the inspector in removing my client from the post,” he explained.

Stefano Miranda was against breaking up with Harvey Colzado. | Chanel N

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