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Gerard PQ Attending in the company of his partner Ibai Llanos, the ex-Betis footballer is giving Joaquin Sanchez something to talk about again after revealing the details of his sexuality for the first time in a detailed interview for his show ‘El Rookie’.

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As a game, the streamer and former athletes asked each other high-voltage questions that had nothing to do with the sports industry. Therefore, everyone had to disclose the frequency with which they had sex.

Sanchez was the first to admit that he had some intimate encounters with his wife, Susana Saporido. “Not once a week,” said the former player, surprising his teammates.

With this in mind, Bigway didn’t hesitate to reveal his sex life with his current partner, Clara Xia. “I’m fine now,” he replied, to which Joaquin replied with a smile: “You’re fresh.”

The reports come shortly after the strong adjectives Clara Chia Marti used to label Shakira, Gerard Pique’s partner of more than a decade, were leaked.

“The Old, the Witch and Menstruation”The pseudonyms used by the young woman will be revealed by the journalist Roberto Andolin for the Telecinco project, “Socialité”.

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