He bet 150 legs in favor of Alianza and now he will give his mother a luxurious apartment.

The “Blanquiazules” won the game and won more than 79,000 soles to buy an expensive gift for Mother’s Day. How much money did he charge?

The young man earned a large sum of money in a short time and secured his mother’s gift. | Libero composition.

On the 15th day The opening match of Ligue 1Last Sunday, Alianza Lima defeated Mannucci 3-0. The result prompted one fan to risk the last item in his wallet on a bet.

In Social websites, a complicated move by this Peruvian went viral. Many netizens believed that the combination would not come out, but the opposite happened. Because? We will tell about it in the next lines.

What did the young man bet?

This boy had only 150 soles in his pocket and decided to support Alianza Lima.. To increase his money in a short time, he decided to make a joint bet. How much money did he earn?


A bet made by a Peruvian.

Apparently luck was on his side and the young man managed to earn a huge amount of money in a short time and give his mother a big surprise who dreamed of having her own apartment.

A loyal Alianza Lima fan won 79,986.77 feet And he can buy his mother’s ‘deba’. If you want to know more information about sports betting, do not hesitate to enter the Diario Líbero website.

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