He plans to join the university and top team by 2024 with Raul Ruidas, Edison Flores, Andy Polo and Piero Guispe.

After becoming champions of Ligue 1 2023, Universitario plans to build a great squad with Raul Ruidias, Edison Flores, Piero Quispe and Andy Polo.

University and plans to merge with Rudias, Flores, Polo and Quispe by 2024. I publish

In Sports UniversityNext week will be crucial for their decisions regarding the first centenary of George Fossati. By Manuel Barretto and Antonio Garcia They will meet in Ligue 1 and Copa Libertadores 2024 to see which positions to strengthen next season.

Cream coach’s first decision is to keep at least 90% of the team next season. Fossati has a contract until 2024, his Uruguayan representative Sebastian Suarez confirmed.

Then, two forwards are searched and the idea is one national (Raúl Ruidíaz) and another foreign, so they complement Alex Valera; Creamer Liga 1 2023 with 15 points.

Getting a “blee”? “U” informed him that he should withdraw, but no progress was made in the matter. It depends on one’s own Ruidias Be prepared for a comeback as he is signed to MLS’ Seattle Sounders for one more season and is a franchise player.

“U” has a salary cap and his arrival is finalized only if ‘Blee’ manages his debt or his release. Everything is in your hands.

The dream is to join him Piero Quispe (with contract), Edison Flores (Sign all 2024) and with Andy PoloIn the coming days, together with his representative, he will hold a meeting with the sports management of the “U” to negotiate a renewal, because the “jewel” ends his contract at the end of this month.

Fiesta Memorial

As it is known, those from “U” could not get their medals and trophy due to a bad move by a competitor who turned off the lights of La Victoria Colossus. Also, due to the insecure climate, it was also on the part of the PNP and the Prosecutor’s Office.

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After this, the Professional Football League He had everything planned for tomorrow afternoon at Adate Colossus, and the management, along with the marketing department, promised it would be spectacular. As of yesterday, all tickets for Cream members, Adherent members and Subscribers have been sold.

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