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National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Senamhi) has been reported to increase temperatures in Lima in the coming weeks. Some districts, such as Puente Piedra and La Molina, have already exceeded 30 °C and are expected to reach values ​​of up to 32 °C in February.

As stated therein Engineer Lourdes MenisExpert Climate forecasting SenamhiCurrent sea water temperature conditions affect thermal behavior in the capital, so we are with Two degrees above normal limits.

On Saturday, January 13, we reached the highest temperature ever recorded this summer at the Alexander von Humboldt station located in La Molina. 31.6 °CConsidered the hottest day”, he commented. On the same day, the station was located Stone bridge Register 30.6 °C At 12:00 p.m

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Which districts of Lima reach 32 °C?

According to the expert, when Daytime temperatures in metropolitan Lima range from 27 °C to 31 °C for the rest of January; However, for A slight increase to 32 degrees Celsius is expected in some districts in February.

“The temperature in early February East of LimaThis includes Districts La Molina, San Juan de Luricancho, Santa Anita, Atamong others, It ranges between 30 °C and 31 °C, with some highs reaching 32 °C“, to be precise.

Districts endure a heat wave of 32 degrees in early February in Lima. (Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño Ramírez)

He Senamhi He explained that The climate normal (1991 and 2000) of February daytime temperature at the La Molina station, which monitors weather in eastern Lima districts, is 29.2 °C, That means an increase of up to two degrees this year.

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Lima, on the other hand, is the part of the capital that experiences the greatest heat sensation due to its topography. “If there are more trees, there will be more humidity, but if there are more buildings or concrete structures, then The temperature is two to three degrees higher than the thermometer indicates” he added.

What are the daytime temperatures in other districts?

In the case Callo and West LimaThis includes districts San Miguel, Zorrillos, Barranco, and otherssLos Day time temperature Up to 28 °C 29 °C in the first fortnight of the next month.

Similar values ​​are expected during the day Center of LimaThis includes Cercato de Lima, Brena, Jesus Maria, La Victoria, LinzIn other districts near Campo de Marte weather station.

Center of Lima. People protect themselves from the heat by using umbrellas and hats. From the end of last year, a summer with higher than normal temperatures was expected.

What values ​​will the night temperature record in Lima and Gallo?

Los Night temperature Chenamhi also indicated that they will increase in early February. It contains Callo and West Limae, 22 °C and 22.5 °C during the following month nights, A peak of 23°C is possible, with a normal value of 20.9°C.

In East of Lima The minimum temperature in February is normal at 20.2 °C, but this year it is expected to reach 22 °C.

Finally, in Center of Lima The night temperature ranges up to 23°C, with a normal value of 21.1°C.

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