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No doubt Carlos Alcantara He is one of the Peruvian actors with the biggest international presence in recent times. Beloved 'Cachín' is part of the series and is different commemorative films.

However, her latest role is attracting attention. And the remembered protagonist of “Asu Mare”Hijacking of Flight 601″, the new Colombian mini-series just premiered on the Netflix platform.

Produced by Miracle TV.Hijacking of Flight 601Freely adapts the book “The Damned of the Air” (KO Books) by Italian journalist Massimo Di Ricco.

Journalist Massimo Di Rico and his book was published by Libres del Co

The Netflix series focuses on the May 30 hijacking of SAM Airlines Lockheed Electra HK-1274, which took place on May 30, while the Spanish-language script was dubbed the 'Golden Age of Air Hijacking' in Latin America. 1973.

Two masked men boarded the plane as passengers and took control of the plane for 60 hours and 15 minutes, flying over cities and countries in the region.

One of these countries is Peru, where the national actor plays the role of Carlos Alcantara.

What is the role of 'CachÍN'?

Disoriented because they don't have a solid plan to get to safety with the $50,000 the airline gave them as part of the ransom demanded, the hijackers demand the plane's captain take them to Lima (after crossing several latitudes, of course).

Minutes before the SAM plane landed at Jorge Chavez Airport, two Peruvian police officers appeared in an old patrol car. One of them is Commissioner Gandori, played by Alcantara.

Pictures shared by Alcantara on Instagram.

With a hoarse and very distinctive voice, Commissioner Gandori tries to signal the plane's pilot not to land, but he ignores him. Here an inevitable scene occurs.

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Commissioner Gandori then has a verbal conversation with the smugglers. He tries to intimidate them into leaving because “no one wants to be here.” A shooting ensues. There is blood. The rest is part of history “The Hijacking of Flight 601″, a free version of the text published by Massimo de Ricco in Libros del Co

Talented Colombian actors such as Cristian Tappan, Monica Lobara and Angela Cano have also starred in Miracol TV and Netflix miniseries. Alcantara took to Instagram to share pictures of her role in the fifth episode of the series.

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