His strong message against Samahara Lopatone and Brian Torres: “One day we will say: It wasn’t easy, but we did it”

Samhara Lobeden shares tender reflections about her children.

Samahara Lopatone She always has something to talk about and has recently been in the spotlight after her dramatic split from her ex-partner Brian Torres, who is expecting a child. As it was recalled, the now-former couple had a stormy relationship in which the character’s ineptitude was evident, aside from one occasion when the influencer and the salsa singer were seen in a public spat.

A few days later, it was confirmed that Abel Lopatone’s daughter was pregnant, which is why many criticized their decision to conceive. However, they confirmed their breakup Samahara Lopatone Brian is on a trip to the US while continuing to work in Peru.

So, on Monday, May 13, the salsa singer appeared on some TV show and told the details of his breakup and his tumultuous relationship with the mother of his next child. But only a few hours have passed since the young lady sent some hints on social media.

Samahara Lopatan sends a strong message against Brian Torres.

The first is an obvious note Brian Torres. In his Instagram stories, the content creator launched a harsh reflection that caught the attention of more than one person. “I had to be pregnant to realize it wasn’t”A thoughtful message she posted on her Instagram stories.

However, all does not end there, because this Tuesday, May 14, Samahara Lopatone He spoke again through his social media. This time, she shared a message in which she indicated that she would move on with her younger children.

“One day we’ll say: It wasn’t easy, but we did it,” the post reads, along with emojis of a child, a girl and a woman.

Samhara Lobeden shares tender reflections about her children.

Janet Barbosa She talked about Samahara Lopatone’s release on her ‘America Hoy’ show, in which she talks about how it takes being pregnant to notice which person isn’t right for her life. On this, the presenter got angry and said that it is not fair to say that pregnancy has removed the unfit from our lives.

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On the contrary, popular ‘Rolidos’ It reminded her that decisions can be made at this time of life before bringing a child into the world. He emphasized that there are many contraceptive components to avoid pregnancy.

“So for her to say that I must be pregnant only to realize that I’m not, to me that’s completely irresponsible, Samahara, Because today contraceptives were not talked about, they were a taboo subject, today it’s so widespread, you go to the post office, they give you an injection, they give you the elements to take care of you,” the figure of American television initially expressed it.

The TV host was against the reports of Melissa Gluck’s daughter, who posted a note about her recent ex-partner. | America TV

After that, he continued his criticism of Melissa Gluck’s daughter. Janet Barbosa Although Samhara has described herself as a good mother more than once, he assures her that he does not consider her to be such because of the way she behaves. For this reason, she was very serious and assured that she did not consider herself a good mother.

“She’s doing her role perfectly as a mother, and you’re completely wrong, Samahara, because you’re a child living in the center of fights and screams everywhere you go. Throwing your partner’s stuff out the window, my God, I worry about that creature and her emotional stability, she’s for me. “She’s not a good mother in that way.”Punished.

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