Historic breakthrough: Japan aims for first successful moon landing, designed for space exploration

The SLIM module will attempt to touch the surface of the Moon with unprecedented precision, within a radius of about 100 meters from the Shioli Crater, close to the lunar equator, marking a milestone in the country's space history.

SLIM module. Photo: Reuters.

Japan is about to take a historic step in space exploration Japan Space Agency (JAXA) getting ready A landing Block Moon on the surface of a natural satellite of TierraThe most accurate till date and if successfully completed, it will become the fifth country in the world to achieve this feat.

The protagonist of this work SLIM Chandra Vol (A smart lander for lunar exploration), launched on September 7, 2023, began a journey More than four months until their lunar destination. On this trip, SLIM It faced various phases, but now, it will begin its scheduled journey on Friday midnight Beginning of the moon landing process.

Japan begins countdown to moon landing mission Video: Reuters.

The Jaxa All the previous steps were carried out without problems, highlighting the success Stabilizing Maneuver Held at Aboluna on 14th January. At the current stage, it maneuvers to reach the block Bariluna point (closest to the lunar surface), approximately 15 kilometers high.

SLIMDimensions not exceeding 3 meters on each side and weight varying from 200 to 730 kg depending on humidity conditions, Marks Japan's latest attempt to successfully land on the moon After several failed attempts in the past. The current target seeks to land with unprecedented precision Shioli craterNear the lunar equator, with a radius of approximately 100 meters.

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The Jaxa Only one can see this task A historical achievement, but an opportunity to significantly improve the accuracy of lunar landings and reduce the size and weight of the equipment used in these missions. In addition, the company believes that the developed technology will contribute to this The study of low gravity environmentsAn important aspect for future research The Solar System.

SLIM module.  Photo: Reuters.SLIM module. Photo: Reuters.

Ri Kudan, Autora Japonesa.

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A historic step in space exploration

The success of SLIM will also benefit the Artemis Lunar Exploration ProgramIt aims to facilitate the return of human beings Luna And open the door to exploration Marte, among other ambitious tasks. Yes Japan If it achieves this landing, it will join the select list of countries that have followed in the previous footsteps and managed to successfully land a module on the Moon. Soviet Union, America, Canada e India.

However Jaxa While devices have successfully landed on asteroids, landing on the Moon represents a more complex challenge due to its low gravity. Seeking support, the Asian nation increased its cooperation National Astronomy and Space Administration (NASA) And this European Space Agency (ESA).

The countdown to the moon landing has begun.  Photo: Reuters.The countdown to the moon landing has begun. Photo: Reuters.

however, Japan It faced various setbacks in its space development program, most notably the failure to launch its new flagship rocket. H3Current successor H-2AIt seeks to compete on costs with other devices from commercial suppliers such as American SpaceX.

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In this regard, the Jaxa It will then attempt a second launch of the new projectile February 15 To launch Earth observation satellite into orbit Daiichi-3Designed to assess areas affected by natural calamities.

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