How do I enter Line 2 of the Lima Metro when the “White March” begins | Answers

The first fully automated underground mass transit in Peru will bring modernity to the city while empowering people’s mobility in record time. “White March” Line 2 of the Lima and Callo Metro as announced by the Urban Transport Authority (Further), and confirmed by the government, will begin transporting Santa Anita residents free of charge. We tell you how you can use and access this new train, and when it’s free.

How to enter the 2nd line of the Lima and Callao Metro when the 2023 “White March” is operational?

A mega structure that will benefit thousands of Peruvian citizens living between Lima Este and the constitutional province of Callo is set to open, it has been confirmed. by its president Jose Aguilar in May.

By using the first part Subway line 2In principle, and from the end of 2023, people will be able to transport themselves for free for a limited period to check the performance of the service they want to provide during the so-called Commercial Commission of the Position (POC). 1A officially begins.

According to information shared by Andina, a media that has exclusive access and one of the trains that make up this underground transport, “White March” will begin in the coming months and will cover the route between the boarding stations of Santa Anita and Evitaminto Market, 2 of the 5 are already completed and ready for operation.

In terms of income, the people who are going to use this service are around 5 kms within the district Santa AnitaThey should first be located at the entrances of the stop they are going to use and proceed to the mezzanine or lobby via a strategically located pedestrian, escalator or elevator.

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(Photo: Government of Peru)

In the said place, the Lima Metro Concession Company – Line 2 It has set up shopping malls such as cafeterias and kiosks, and established the next basement to divide into 2 areas with the aim of allowing free access and circulation of citizens to receive cards sold to each user.

Likewise, people will be able to access the second context for relevant boarding after validating the ticket fare in time, i.e. in early 2024.

Keep in mind, what is planned according to “White March”, and announced by FurtherInitially users pay no fees for a period of 3 months Line 2 of the Lima Metro and Callao and Branch Line 4 Officially functioning.

From when will the “White March” be made on Line 2 of the Lima and Callao Metro and which boarding stations can be used?

It won’t be long before Santa Anita County residents get a look inside its amenities Line 2 of the Lima Metro and Callao, and benefits from the first extension to move from Santa Anita Market to Evitamiento, and vice versa in just 6 minutes.

According to Andina’s statement, the opening date is “White March”The country’s first subway train December 21 2023, by using the following boarding stations included in Phase 1A of the work:

– E20 / avoidance

– E21 / Santa Anita Oval

– E22/ Occupation Collector

– E23 / Hermilio Waldison

– E24 / Santa Anita Market

It is important to note that the purpose of commissioning tests is to verify that all assets of the railway system are actually operated, safe and in optimal condition, approved and maintained. POC Allowing you to formally start cashing tickets from that month April of 2024.

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What is the branch of Line 2 and Line 4 of the Lima and Callao Metro and how many people will benefit?

The mega system that will give life to the first metro and underground corridor in Peru is a work managed by the government through the MTC and the Concession Agency, which has extensive experience in the field and is recognized for the creation of similar systems in Santiago de Chile. , San Francisco, Thessaloniki, Naples, New York, subways and hundreds of stations around the world.

Enter here And this Line 4 branch of Lima Metro More than 660 thousand passengers per day will benefit from the districts of Ate, Santa Anita, El Agustino, San Luis, La Victoria, Cercado, Breña, Bellavista, Carmen de la Legua and Callao.

Also, and just 45 minutes For example, if you go from the Constitution Province to the eastern jurisdictions, you will notice that the automation of the 27 stations that make up the electric mass transit system will provide a significant improvement in terms of efficiency and timing across the 26.87. Kilometers.

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