How much are young men who enter voluntary military service in Peru paid? | Answers

Los Peruvian Armed Forces They have the task of guaranteeing the independence, sovereignty and integrity of the national territory. Due to their commendable work, those who perform voluntary military service get different social benefits and are also paid minimum wage.

How many young people volunteer for military service?

According to Latina Noticias report, the salary of young people who join the voluntary military service in Peru this year 2023 is 1025 soles, which is equivalent to 277 dollars or 252 euros. The regulation was approved by the Ministry of Defense and will come into force in January 2024.

This minimum vital wage (RMV) corresponds to the monthly economic allowance of a soldier, cabin boy or avian pilot who, according to Act 31796, performs the functions of military service in a camp manner.

On the other hand, the Extension of Military Service Regulations specifies that the economic amount for “other ranks of personnel rendering military service in quarters” is fixed on the basis of RMV.

The monthly salary is established in November of each year as specified by the Ministry of Defence, which takes into account the established minimum basic salary according to Andina.

It is noteworthy that various congressmen supported this rule, saying it was a way to provide justice to the sector that lacks resources and lacks family responsibilities, but still decides to train to advance professionally.

In addition to the above salary, a person who decides to do voluntary military service can access other benefits such as three meals a day, clothing, service commission and life insurance, access to health benefits, etc. Instruction and Technical Education. , easy access to the armed forces, 50% discount on museums, sports and cultural events and easy access to universities or institutions of the Beca 18 program.

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A citizen who decides to undertake voluntary military service will be instructed and learn new skills on how to act against terrorist or narco-terrorist groups and how to deal with reality in other training activities that are considered emergency areas in Peru. .

What are the requirements to access military service?

The official website of the Peruvian government indicates the requirements for accessing voluntary military service. Here we share them with you:

  • Should be between 18 to 30 years.
  • ID (Original and Copy).
  • Constancia de InscripciĆ³n Militar or Libreta Militar (earlier classes).
  • Must have completed at least primary school and provide plain copy of certificate.
  • Submit a simple affidavit of single status and maintain that status till the end of military service (Annexure 10).
  • Simple declaration of non-registration of police, criminal or judicial records (Annexure 7).
  • Affidavit (Annexure 8) that you are willing to render quarterly military service subject to the laws, regulations and rules of the armed organization in which you render military service.
  • Take and pass the Psychosomatic Aptitude Test at the Armed Forces Institute of your choice.

How to get military notebook in Peru?

Those wishing to obtain a military handbook must go through the registration process with their National Identity Document (DNI) at military registration offices. The citizen must attend an Air Force, Navy or Army related institution. It is worth noting that the process of requesting a military ID is free.

Peruvians abroad, on the other hand, should contact their consulate to get more information about their case.

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