How to earn 200 dollars a day in USA?

Unbelievable but true! You can apply now for the jobs in America, even if you are a foreigner. Various programs facilitate and allow this process Companies sponsor vacancies and manage visa procedures. Through the official site Department of Labor,, Temporary opportunities are spread that allow you to earn up to 200 dollars per day. Here's how to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

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What is the job that allows you to earn more than $200 a day in USA?

The kitchen industry stands out as a lucrative option They want to earn 200 dollars a day. Offered, accessible H-2A and H-2B visa holdersEven applicants with a limited knowledge of English are offered, thanks to the Spanish translation

cheater Pay starting at $28 an hour, Some companies offer refunds for visa fees, processing and other costs. An example Wychmere Beach Club in Massachusetts is seeking 6 line cooks To fill a temporary full-time position, paid no less $19.52 an hourWith the possibility of attaining higher rates of pay, Up to $28 an hour!

Includes working conditions A minimum of 35 hours per week, distributed over 5 days per week averaging 7 hour days, with flexible hours in between 8 am and 4 pm, 12 pm and 8 pm, or 4 pm to midnight.

How much experience do you need to earn up to $200 a day as a chef in USA?

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to lift and carry food and kitchen items Up to 25 kg. Plus, minimal experience Six months in a restaurant kitchen. Responsibilities include preparing and cooking food, cleaning work areas and performing tasks under the supervision of cooks.

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What is it and how to get H-2B visa?

He According to the H-2B program, Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).Allows US employers to seek foreign candidates for temporary employment in non-agricultural sectors as long as they meet certain requirements.

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Requests Visa H-2B They are approved only for eligible states that are valid for one year, according to a list published in the Federal Register. L USCIS Spouse and unmarried children are highlighted as under 21 years DRH-2B bombers Apply for admission H-4 Nonimmigrant ClassificationAlthough they are not eligible to work America.

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