“I want to be with you”: the message Carl Sagan left for future visitors to Mars

Full of nostalgia and excitement, Carl Sagan left an important message for the first humans to reach Mars.

A lot of legacy Carl Sagan It has A passion for the universe His work left many followers. This man, that journal Time named as “America's Most Talented Scientific Salesman”He knew that life would not be long enough for him to see some great steps in history. Space exploration. But it didn't stop Carl SaganThe popularizer, scientist and writer, leaves something for future works, for example, for those who are going MarteRed planet.

Before his death in 1996, Carl Sagan recorded a few words For humans taking the historic step of reaching out to our neighbors.

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Scientist's record It has been on Mars since 2008. It is believed that this material can be regenerated First human journey to the Red Planet.

“I want to be with you”

“Maybe we're in Marte To the amazing science that can be done there: the doors to a world of wonders are opening in our time. Maybe we're in Marte Because we must be, because the evolutionary process has instilled in us a deep nomadic drive; After all, we are descended from hunter-gatherers, and we were nomads 99.9% of the time on Earth. And the next place to transit is Mars. But still Whatever your reason for being on Mars, I'm glad you're there. And I want to be with you.”

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