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It seeks to protect the integrity of minors. Photo: LR Composites/Jasmine Seras

2023 school year. Last Monday, November 27, the Ministry of Education (MINEDU), through a resolution, called on management or heads of directorates to evaluate the progress of the closure as the country is more likely to be hit by the El Nino phenomenon. school year. The provision prioritizes the protection of the integrity of minors and the protection of infrastructure and educational materials.

In the same official document, if it is decided to advance the planned date, it is read December 22The ministerial portfolio headed by Miriam Bones should be informed.

In which regions will the school year close before December 22?

So far, five regions have spoken about this possibility, with levels varying depending on the impact of rains reported in recent days and their geographic location.

Will Lambayek face early school closures?

Lambayeque This is one of the regions that choose this option. Northern District is one of the areas affected by heavy rains. Daniel Suarez Becerra, regional manager of the Department of Education, said that the advance payment will be made on the 20th. Specifically, it will be nine days earlier.

“December 20 is the last day to work with students. This does not mean extending the schedule, but accelerating the planned activities a little more,” he told La República. Along these lines, he pointed out that the move would include both public and private educational institutions, and non-compliance would lead to administrative proceedings.

Will Arequipa face early school closures?

In Arequipa, Regional Manager of Education, Cecilia Zarida, said the schedule will be completed, so the current academic year will end on December 22. The officer assumed that no adverse weather events had occurred; However, if it does, the action will be evaluated. The sector has nearly 350,000 students from public and private schools.

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Early closure of schools in Dagna?

DagnaFor its part, it will maintain the early calendar as there is no risk of rain, according to sources in the regional education directorate.

Will Beura face early school closures?

In BeuraThe regional education directorate told this newspaper that it will report on the final start of the school year on December 1.

Will school closures be premature in Ankash?

in connection with Ankash, Regional Director of Education Nancy Dolores Anaya indicated that school year-end progress is under evaluation on this issue. He said that most of the directors decided to carry out the calendar as established, however, the five local education management units – UGEL (Corongo, Chihuahuas, Pomabamba, Carlos Fermin Fitzcarrald and Bolognese) requested the closure on December 15.

It is important to note that for this 2nd December, Senamhi warns of the possibility of activation of rain-related streams given the previous 7 days of rain and susceptibility to mass movements.

Activating streams in Cusco and Áncash. Photo: Senamhi

Will La Libertad face premature school closures?

For now, the school year ends on schedule, which is on December 22, indicated Martin Camacho, Regional Manager of Education. Independence. Change is only possible if some extraordinary circumstances arise, he said.

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