In which town in Spain you can find work and free accommodation | Answers

A city in Spain, located in the province of Zaragoza, has launched an innovative initiative to attract new citizens and fight overcrowding, offering jobs and housing for free. Where is it and what are the requirements to apply for this benefit? We will tell you everything you need to know on this topic in the following note.

Which city in Spain offers work and housing absolutely free?

The city of El Buste, located in Zaragoza province, has launched a new program offering free jobs and housing to attract new residents and reverse its population decline.

There is an offer to run the town's Teleclub, which includes a working bar, with all profits as salaries for new residents.

In addition, a furnished and equipped house is provided, electricity, heating and water costs are covered by the municipality.

What are the requirements to apply for Spanish people who offer work and housing absolutely free?

Requirements to apply for a position at El Buste include being a family with two children between the ages of 2 and 13. The rationale behind this offer is not only to revitalize the Teleclub, but also to improve the municipality's school transport by attracting families with children, as it currently does not reach the minimum number of places required.

The selection process has already begun and the chosen couple will begin their new lives in El Buste in August.

The initiative can be found on the Facebook page of the El Buste City Council.

Why this city in Spain is completely free to work and live in

The municipality of El Buste, in the province of Zaragoza, is joining the trend of offering free jobs and housing to attract new people and combat the depopulation that has hit its population hard.

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With only 72 inhabitants in 2022, the city seeks to revitalize itself and repopulate its streets, offering favorable conditions to those who decide to settle there.

The mayor, José Ángel Villalba, seeks out families willing to move to El Buste and offers them the chance to take over Teleclub, the city's bar, keeping no part of the profits.

In addition to employment, a fully furnished house of up to four bedrooms is provided free of charge to new residents.

The offer includes electricity, heating and water costs covered by the municipality to facilitate the arrival of new residents.

The aim is to attract families with children to encourage school transport, which currently includes minimum spaces that are not achieved.

The initiative seeks to inspire the municipality and arouse the interest of those rooted in El Bus, as reflected in the start of the selection process and the arrival of the new couple in August.

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