Peruvian National Team, Jose Chemo del Solar: “If clubs don’t loan us their players, I’ll go home” | Soccer-Peruvian

Jose Guillermo del SolarDirector of Technical Division for Juveniles Peruvian Football Federation, has been vocal about the hurdles he faces when calling up youth teams. In that sense, he highlighted what happened in the U-23 pre-Olympics (the tournament earlier in the year in Venezuela), where he had to play with players from lower divisions due to the refusal of clubs. To lend their youth.

In an interaction with the media, after the training of the U-20 team, the national strategist used the space to draw attention to football organizations so that they commit to loaning their youth players aiming for the south. US Sub-20 to be held next year in our country.

I want to work with the best players for the South American U-20 and if the clubs don’t give us their players, I’ll go home. Very simple and clear. I am not ready to accept what happened in the pre-Olympic competition“, he pointed out. It is to be noted that the U-20 team is training ahead of the friendly match against Costa Rica this May 7th and 9th in Videna.

Players and overseas players who join this call Carlos Gomes (Cruzeiro), Enrique Pena (Real Valladolid) and Juan Goicocia (CA Platense).Since Tuesday, April 30, ‘Kemo’ has been working with the Del Solar team.

Fossati also expressed his position

When the call-up list for the March friendlies was announced, George Fossati brought to the table the issue of the U-23 Olympic qualifiers and how they got a chance to be called up. List of major actors. “Two months ago Diego Romero and Eric Noriega played four games and both of them were notable in all four games.“, he pointed out.

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To this he added:What a shame, what a shame other players don’t go because clubs don’t lend. I think it’s a bad decision by the clubs, even an unintelligent one, because if they want to expose them internationally, there’s nothing better than letting them play for the national team, and they haven’t changed pre-Olympics. Having two friendlies with the club.”.

In the same way, he argued “Now I look at the players in the first grade, what a shame, why didn’t they let them go, Peru is going to be well represented. With due respect to those who went, but many of them were of playing age with under-20s, going to play against 22-year-old men..

What is Peru’s team in the Copa America?

After the draw held in Miami, The Peruvian National Team Placed in Group A along with teams from Argentina, Chile Y Canada. Canada qualified for the final with a 2-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago in the CONCACAF Nations League Repechage. ‘Blanquiroja’ debuts against Ricardo Garega’s ‘Roja’. Next, we leave you with the Group A fixture.

Date 1

  • Argentina vs. Canada / June 20 in Atlanta
  • Peru vs. Chile / June 21 in Texas

Date 2

  • Chile vs. Argentina / June 25 at New Jersey
  • Peru vs. Canada / June 25 at Kansas

Date 3

  • Argentina vs. Peru / June 29 in Miami
  • Canada vs. Chile / June 29 at Florida

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