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In the business world, the demand for cloud solutions and services is increasing. Organizations are seeking to adopt cloud technologies remotely to simplify their assets, scale operations and processes to ensure sustainable and successful business operations and integration for all parties.

Therefore, there is currently a preference for hybrid security solutions that combine the best functionality of the cloud with the power of local servers and peripheral or edge devices.

Cloud services have established themselves as efficient IT models that allow companies to remain competitive in the market. An example of this is the video surveillance market, which is increasingly leveraging cloud connectivity, driven by the need for remote access, data-driven intelligence and scalability. According to the Novara Insights report, “Cloud Trends in Video Surveillance, 2023 Edition,” the number of cloud-connected cameras is growing by more than 80 percent annually in the United States and Canada.

This trend towards cloud adoption has further shifted towards implementing hybrid security solutions that are a mix of cloud and on-premises infrastructure, using smart edge devices as powerful generators of valuable data. Hybrid environments are the ideal solution for many businesses, giving them the freedom to choose the most suitable location for their applications and workloads, based on the demands and importance of their data. At Axis Communications we have achieved a fluid integration between the two environments.

It has made it possible to create an open, hybrid cloud platform designed to provide customers with the most secure, flexible and scalable security solutions. Cloud Connect is a platform that supports computer and device management, video and data delivery, meeting today's high demands on cybersecurity, reducing complexity and ensuring smooth and gradual adoption over time. Ensuring robust cyber security measures and compliance with industry standards and regulations without neglecting the critical importance of data security.

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The importance of these types of technology solutions lies in facilitating device integration, remote management and updates, which goes beyond ensuring continuous availability of video and data in a secure and intelligent manner. It opens the door to a digital ecosystem of partners that can create even more customized solutions to meet the specific needs of end users. Because of this, cloud services are not only a next-generation technology, but also a way for the security industry to gradually adopt a new way of using digital services.

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