Innovative projects at the intersection of technology and environmental protection with Global Omnium

At the intersection of technology and environmental protection, innovative projects are emerging that address critical challenges facing our ecosystem. Global Omnium leads these initiatives, which represent a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, using technological advances to drive practical and effective solutions. From water management to climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation, each project offers a unique perspective on how technology can be a driving force for our planet’s well-being.

Global Omnium not only focuses on technological innovation and environmental sustainability, but also creates projects that have a positive impact on society by promoting environmental awareness and social participation in environmental protection. Together, we can transform the way we address environmental issues and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Technology, hydraulics and energy efficiency: allies against water scarcity

In the current climate of water scarcity, the strategy is to operate from three perspectives: investment, technology and efficiency. Global Omnium ensures better management of the water cycle, thanks to the inclusion of a sustainable investment in the maintenance and construction of new hydraulic infrastructures.Installation of better technologies, digitization of service to ensure 0 leakages, as well as use of clean energy.

R+D+I: Fighting Nitrate Pollution

The LIFE ELEKTRA project, coordinated by Aguas de Valencia, involves a consortium from Spain, Italy and Malta, including the University of Alicante, the University of Valencia, the Institute of Energy Technology (ITE), Apria Systems SL, the Institute of Technology of the Canary Islands. Islands, Water Services Corporation (WSC) and REDINN.

LIFE ELEKTRA addresses nitrate pollution in surface and groundwater, which is harmful to health and ecosystems. The aim is to reduce the concentration of nitrates through electrochemical denitrification, converting nitrates into gaseous nitrogen and using renewable energies such as photovoltaics and hydrogen.

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This treatment can be applied to water with high concentrations of nitrates, especially from treatment plants, to restore and make the water potable with zero liquid discharge. With a duration of 42 months, the project will start in October and will include case studies in Spain (Candia and Gran Canaria) and Malta, designing a mobile pilot plant using renewable energy.

Campaigns to encourage consumption of tap water

Duava offers an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water by significantly reducing plastic waste, reducing the carbon footprint associated with its production and transportation, and using advanced technologies and eco-friendly practices to purify water. By installing purified water fountains in public and private spaces, encouraging the use of reusable containers, and promoting more sustainable practices, you facilitate access to clean, safe water. In addition, it provides educational information on water conservation and waste reduction, increasing environmental awareness and encouraging more environmentally responsible behavior.

HortiGO2: Sustainable Agriculture for a Greener Future

The HortiGO2 project aims to quantify and certify agriculture’s water footprint and CO₂ absorption capacity., thus making sustainable agriculture a carbon sink. This approach not only helps maintain an important activity for society like agriculture, but also highlights its role as an ally in the fight against the climate emergency. HortiGO2 is presented as a positive impact and nature-based solution, developed in close collaboration with the Valencian community and the irrigation communities of the Murcia region.

The HortiGO2 project aims to quantify and certify agriculture’s water footprint and CO₂ absorption capacity.

In addition to protecting local biodiversity, the program seeks to strengthen the resilience of agricultural ecosystems in the face of climate change by promoting sustainable practices and adaptation strategies.

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GOassets: tools for climate resilience

GOassets provides tools and strategies so that municipalities can address climate risks and adapt to environmental change. By assessing and understanding specific risks, such as droughts and floods, you help reduce their impact on the natural environment and local communities. Furthermore, by analyzing the resilience of infrastructure, it contributes to the protection of ecosystems by guaranteeing the ability to respond to extreme events and the sustainability of natural resources. Refinancing planning inspired by GOassets supports environmental projects by allocating resources to strengthen environmental infrastructure and mitigate the effects of climate change. In short, by providing a comprehensive and proactive view of environmental management, GOassets promotes the adaptation and sustainability of communities facing emerging environmental challenges.

Electronic invoicing: A step towards sustainability

The implementation of electronic invoicing marks a significant milestone in the fight to reduce paper consumption and conserve natural resources. By choosing this billing method, citizens not only simplify their administrative processes, but also proactively participate in environmental protection. Electronic invoicing becomes a fundamental tool for reducing the carbon footprint, as it eliminates the need to print paper documents, thereby reducing the use of forest resources and the pollution associated with paper production and its transportation. Also, by choosing electronic billing, you promote a more sustainable lifestyle by promoting practices that reduce environmental impact and contribute to protecting our planet for future generations.

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