Integrated Artificial Intelligence: This is how this technology works in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Tech giant Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy (S24) series of cell phones on Wednesday, January 17, with artificial intelligence (AI) integrated into innovative tools such as translating texts and calls in real-time or creatively editing photos. .

The South Korean company was launched at the Galaxy Unpacked event in San Jose, California, USA. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+ and S24 phones seek to improve users' lives in general, but specifically their core function, communication, indicated in a statement.

That way, devices will have new tools that improve the user experience.

At the moment, the popular smartphones that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) are the South Korean company's attempt to create the world's largest cell phone seller, Apple.

New tools on devices

  • Direct translation: Enables text and voice translations in calls through the phone's native app
  • translator: Translates live split-screen conversations using Transcript
  • Chat Help: Get the tone and style of your messages right.

Useful tools for work

  • Reference Help: Samsung is building AI-generated summaries into the Notes
  • Transcript Help: With this technology, transcribing, summarizing and translating recordings, even when multiple people are speaking.

Other Activities

  • The Galaxy S24 range also has a “circle to search” function, Developed in partnership with Google, it transforms the search experience and allows you to touch anything on the screen to find results, such as a landscape in a social media post.
  • Phones include “ProVisual Engine” functionality, Including a suite of AI tools to improve image shooting and creative editing
  • Nightography: Perfect photos and videos taken with Space Zoom
  • Constructive Correction: Uses generative AI to fill backgrounds.
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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones were showcased during an event at the Samsung Store in Seoul. (Photo: AFP)

The Galaxy S24 Ultra model is notable for: It has a huge screen (6.8 inches QHD+), durable and resistant; A titanium frame; A slimmer body, and improvements like a 50MP telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip.

Like the latest iPhone, the Samsung S24 comes with a titanium frame, which the company says allows the phones better longevity.

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