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Jesus Solari Díaz, this Monday, May 29, submitted his “irrevocable resignation” from the position of president of the Peruvian Radio and Television Company (IRTP) – in charge of Peru TV – in a letter sent to the Minister of Culture, Leslie Urtiega..

Although in his resignation letter Solari did not specify the reasons for his departureEl Comercio’s sources indicate that in the last two weeks there has been constant pressure from the government palace to provide more information content in support of Dina Boluarte’s administration.

Also, they also, last Friday, T.V. The President’s question about the deaths during the Peru protest would have troubled the government palace. All this would have prompted them to demand the resignation of the IRTP holder.

Solari, who was appointed to the post in December 2022, points out in his letter that he “firmly” believes that “this institution should be appreciated beyond being a political window and focused on putting citizens as the central axis”. His work”.

He insists that it is necessary IRTP is a place where “all the voices of our community are heard and represented”..

As an institution, we must guarantee editorial freedomThis ensures that citizens can get true, unbiased and complete informationSolari said.

I believe it is imperative to continue with an innovative approach and greater commitment to strengthen IRTP programming to encourage the production of quality national content that reflects the cultural richness and diversity of our country. We must use available resources efficiently and transparently, always prioritizing the common good and the benefit of Peruvian citizens” he adds in his letter.

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This is the resignation letter of the Chairman of IRTP Board of Directors

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