Is your internet slow? This is how you can change your Wi-Fi key


Find out how to change your Wi-Fi key in a few steps and review some alternatives to learn the password.

Is your internet slow?  See how to change your Wi-Fi password
© Good picturesIs your internet slow? See how to change your Wi-Fi password

He Wi-Fi became one Technology Essential wireless is used in homes, educational institutions and many other work environments across the country Communication And this Document exchange Basic.

This technology is almost essential while doing Tasks, quests And in most jobs, this connection is required to successfully perform their respective tasks.

If you have Wi-Fi If you notice sluggishness in your home, there may be multiple connections, this is a great call Change the password. See how to do it here on RedNews.

How do I change my Wi-Fi password? Create a new key with these simple steps

There are There are two ways to change your Wi-F network passwordI, and one may be simpler than the other. The choice depends on your preferences:

Manual change

First, this is important Know your router's IP address. Sometimes, check the back of your Wi-Fi modem, where you can find various information IP number, username and password.

Once the IP address is found, Enter it in your browser's address bar (eg IP: It will take you somewhere page You will need to enter your router's username and password. These details are usually:

  • User: Admin
  • Password: admin

After this step, you can Change the password of your Wi-Fi network.

Contact your Internet provider

If the previous option seems complicated to you, we recommend it Contact your Internet provider.

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can Seek the help of a technician Go to your home and change your password manually. Some companies also offer Online options on their websites Change the password the easy way.

Consult your Wi-Fi provider

  • Intel: Click Here Learn how to change your password Wi-Fi.
  • Clarity: Click Here Learn how to change your password Wi-Fi.
  • the world: Click Here Learn how to change your password Wi-Fi.
  • Moviestar: Click Here Learn how to change your password Wi-Fi.

Can you find out my wifi password?

Yes, you can find out what your Wi-Fi password isAnd to find out your cell phone will need according to its operating system. The instructions will change if you have Android oh iOS:


If you have a phone Android 10 is upsteps Know your Wi-Fi password They are a little different.

  1. Make sure you are connected or registered to a Wi-Fi network on your cell phone. Then, go to your phone settings, go to Wi-Fi connections and tap on registered network.
  2. Look for the Share QR Code icon and generate the code. behind, Use another phone Scan the QR code and read the information The name and password of the Wi-Fi you are restoring.
  3. If you don't have another cell phone, that too The QR code can be scanned with a screenshot Open the image with Google Lens.


And You have already registered your Wi-Fi password Follow these steps to find out on your mobile:

  1. and a “Setting up“, select”Wi-Fi” Y Click the name of your link.
  2. Once inside, tap “password” and after verifying with your Face ID, you can View your Wi-Fi password.

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