Issuance of Enormity Certificate for Municipal Finance and Treasury Area

At the beginning of the year, the City Council's Economic and Financial Service received Enor certification of its quality management system according to the ISO9001 standard. This week, the area's municipal representatives and technicians received the certificate from Gonzalo San Antonio, director of Aenor-Euskadi.

“The development and implementation of a quality management system has been relatively common in companies and other private institutions for some years. Not so much in the administrative sector; “You can count on the fingers of one hand the municipal or regional services that have obtained official quality certification, Legazpi being one of them,” reports the council.

“It is necessary to establish a quality management system in public administration to guarantee quality management focused on the citizen and aimed at continuous improvement, transparency and accountability. For the City Council, we understood it as an essential tool to record and improve internal processes, facilitating knowledge transfer and generational change,” said They reviewed.

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