“It shows that kids are smart.”

Last night the Latin Grammy Awards took place in Seville and the capital of Andalusia was filled with the most important names in music such as Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alboran, Andrea Bocelli, Rosalia, Rav Alejandro, Bizarro. Shakira. Precisely, the latter was one of the most anticipated artists, because every time Gerard Pique’s ‘tart’ silhouette always appeared. Well, no reference to the soccer player, but the Colombian singer had some kind words towards her children, who were criticized a lot this Friday. Alphonsa Arus In ‘Aruser@s’ (La Sexta).

Atresmedia Network Project Latin Grammy and How It Resonated Shakira He was one of the night’s big hits with “Three Gramophones.” Thus, Tatiana Arus, a collaborator of ‘Aruser@s’The focus was on one of the singer’s thank you speeches after receiving one of the awards.

“I want to dedicate this award to my children, Milan and Sasha, because I promised them that I would be happy, I promised them that they would have a mother, because they deserve it,” he said. said. Shakira In a piece presented by the La Sexta program, taken from the gala Grammy Latinos.

So back to the collectionAlfonso Aruz He did not want to ignore the words of the Colombian, whom he strongly criticized. “Well, this is the first time a mother promises her children that she will be happy. “Luckily the page has turned,” pointed out the ‘Aruser@s’ host jokingly. Shakira That started the discussion of the show.

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“The point here is that the words convey that the children know anything that happens to the mother and the mother’s emotional state. I think the important thing for these children is to see them happy for once because they have changed countries,” Angie Cardenas pointed out about the singer. Alphonsa Arus Who brought death and took it back to the ground Shakira.

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“This phrase shows that the children are greater than the mother because the mother must promise the children that she will be happy,” he said. Alphonsa ArusIt said: Shakira’s stunning performance wowed Latin Grammy audiences Shakira.

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