It's not Luis Advincula or Brian Reyna: Meet the Most Expensive Peruvian Soccer Player in South America

It's not Luis Advincula or Brian Reyna: Meet the Most Expensive Peruvian Soccer Player in South America

To the surprise of fans, a Peruvian player has surpassed Luis Advincula and Brian Reyna as the most valuable player on the South American continent.

Value of Peruvian soccer players in other parts of South America | Photo: Belgrano – Boca Juniors

The legacy of overseas footballers will mark history in national football. Check out the list of most expensive footballers South America. It's important to highlight that neither Luis Advincula nor Brian Reyna are number one.

Although Luis Advincula breaks it down at Boca Juniors, its market value lags far behind another peer at the continental level. Bryan Reyna, who recently arrived at Belgrano, repeats the same case and is starting to make a name for himself in competitive Argentine football.

It turns out that Peruvian left-back Miguel Drago, who is breaking it economically on the continent, is the current player. Review of Brazil. A past football player in university, he now comes to this team where he wants to be a hero.

However, the participation of Peruvians in South America does not fall on these footballers, because there are many who join clubs in the continent. Who are they? Here is the list:

Name Equipment Country market value
Miguel Drago Crimson Brazil 1.8 million euros
Louis Advincula Boca Juniors Argentina 1.2 million euros
Brian Raina Belgrano Argentina 1 million euros
Kevin Quivedo Catholic University of Quito Ecuador 550 thousand euros
Alfonso Fargo Defender Sporting Uruguay 500 thousand euros
Emmanuel Ibanez Temperley Argentina 300 thousand euros
Christian Vega Province of Osorno Chile 250 thousand euros
Mathias Galindo Always ready Bolivia 200 thousand euros
Alex Custodio Deportivo La Guerra Venezuela 200 thousand euros
Carlos Gomez Cruzeiro (Under 20) Brazil 50 thousand euros
Mathias Barbosa Arsenal de Sarandy (U-20) Argentina 50 thousand euros
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Miguel Drago played for which club?

Throughout his career, Miguel Trauco has played for clubs such as Unión Comercio (Peru), Universitario de Deportes (Peru), Flamengo (Brazil), Saint-Etienne (France), SJ Earthquakes (United States) and currently Criciúma (Brazil). .

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