Ivan Cruz’s relatives reportedly ordered fans removed from the singer’s wake King of Bolero | Magali Medina | Magaly TV: La Firme | programs

Rise of the Singer Evan Cruz According to the ‘Magali TV: La Firme’ show, an embarrassing argument broke out between the artist’s supporters and relatives in the Nazca room of the Ministry of Culture.

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According to Entertainment Place, the entry of fans trying to bid a final farewell to the ‘Bolero King’s’ son would have looked awkward.

In the pictures aired by Magali Madina’s show, the singer’s successor looks very sad as he scolds his father’s followers.

The argument did not stop as the son of the ‘Vagabunto Soya’ singer switched off the lights at the place to evict the people. They also approached the police demanding that they be evicted from the premises where the cremation of the artist is kept.

What did Ivan Cruz die of?

The ‘King of Bolero’ has suffered from various ailments that have affected his health in recent years, including diabetes and pancreatitis. Despite these problems, the singer never stopped singing and stuck to music, which kept him active.

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