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The financial subsidy that will be given in the coming September days raises doubts as to whether it can be resolved below.

Find out when September 2023 pensioners will receive payments from the Venezuelan Social Security Agency (IVSS). | Composition: Libero

Payment of pension IVSS | Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) It has announced that the senior citizen bonus will be available in the coming days, and here are some details you need to know.

Again, the IVSS users They will receive cash bonuses provided by the Maduro regime, and pensioners will benefit from anti-economic warfare bonuses.

What will be the IVSS payment availability date in September 2023?

This grant corresponds to the month of October. It will start its distribution from September For registered users on the system. However, there is no official payment date for IVSS pension yet, but it is estimated that deposits will start. Thursday, September 21.

What will be the amount allotted to IVSS pensioners in 2023?

Pensioners of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) receive an amount according to the minimum wage established in the official gazette. On the other hand, it is known Venezuela’s minimum wage in 2023 will be 130 bolivars, or $5.30 According to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

How are IVSS pensioners enrolled?

if you like Belongs to the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS)You must be a duly registered worker in a public or private company or institution.

IVSS 2023: How do I verify my personal account?

If you want to see the personal account of the Venezuelan Social Security Agency (IVSS)Follow the following steps:

  • Enter IVSS website.
  • Go to section ‘Questions’.
  • Click on ‘Personal Account’.
  • Your place Identification Number and Date of Birth.
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How to Register in Patria System?

  • Enter Patria system site
  • Select the ‘Register’ option.
  • Fill in the requested information and click ‘Continue’.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your registered mobile phone.
  • Enter a secure and strong password with letters, numbers and letters.
  • Click on ‘Register’ and then click on ‘Enter’.

After completing these steps, you will need to re-enter the Patria system by entering your password. Likewise, the message will appear on the screen: ‘You have successfully registered. Now you can authenticate yourself to access the computer.’

Homeland System 2023

What is the Patria system and what is it for? Full details of the Venezuela platform are below.

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